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Another gospel ‘super’ couple emerges in UK

Lewis Ngara and his wife Tau

Gospel music sermon with The Master

SUPERNATURAL excellence aptly describes the feats of United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean gospel music couple Lewis Ngara and his wife Tau, who besides both having excelled in the gospel music arena, are also endowed with brilliant educational accomplishments.

The two are born-again Christians and elders in Forward in Faith Ministries International Church — Zaoga, which is led by Baba Ezekiel Guti.

Ngara told Standard Style from his base in the UK following the release of three songs, which are accompanied by videos, that he is a son of the soil who cherishes his culture.

This is evident in the music that he produces.

“While I sing gospel music, my genres are mainly influenced by African traditional styles, although I am flexible with any genre,” he said.

What is amazing is that he does not officially launch his albums —all he does is to post his songs on different media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Cd baby, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and SoundCloud and, according to him, this has worked wonders.

“Zimbabweans all over the world are getting to know us. We have been working on three projects and also produced beautiful videos on the songs Chivaraidze Changu — a love song — and two gospel tracks, Let’s Praise the Lord and No Turning Back,” he said.

Ngara works together with his wife, who is also fast becoming a household name in the music industry, with songs like Jesus is Coming Back (Anouya) and Kumafuro. She is producing a video for the song Vanities of Vanities (Sungura), which points out the irrelevance of all worldly things and putting focus on the life to come.

Ngara also supports new artistes in the music industry by mentoring them on songwriting techniques, assisting in the payment of studio fees and video production.

Abroad, he has collaborated with local musicians Tinashe Mupambawashe, Forget Kuweyo, Sandra Chirenje, Clayton Gudhu, Carole Guvamombe, Alice Marandure and Shantel Sithole, just to mention a few.

Songs such as Ndafunga Kwedu KuZimbabwe, which was cherished by Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, reveal Ngara’s love for his country.

He has also teamed up with his wife and sister-in-law Roda Muza Musanhi to produce a song called Team UK.

Education-wise, The Soul Rejuvenators Crew frontman is a PhD holder, while his wife has a Master’s degree. They are both products of Nyadire Teachers’ College, where their music talents were honed.

His song Ndisiye Ndisiye was on the charts on Radio Zimbabwe, National FM and YaFM for two years from 2016.

Currently doing well on radio are the songs Regai Zvikurirane, Dai Marega Kudaro, in which Ngara sings like Thomas Mapfumo, and Seek Yee.

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