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Actions that destroy one’s potential


The moment Esau finished eating the pottage his brother Jacob had made him, his name was changed to Edom (Genesis 25:30). After he sold his birthright, the Bible referred to him as Edom. As the first-born son, he had rights to the blessing, but that incident shifted his destiny.

Another destiny-shifting moment was when Jacob wrestled the angel of God. His name was changed to Israel. The name change was symbolic of the destiny shift. Both brothers experienced this name change and became nations. But one was a blessed nation and the other was in a way cursed.

Before the change of name, Jacob lived in fulfilment of the meaning of his name — the deceiver. Have you ever noticed that whenever Israel sinned, the Lord would refer to them as Jacob? Words have power to shift and change destiny. When Esau spoke to his brother, those words shifted his destiny. He was not aware that a single meal would make him lose his birthright. How many seemingly innocent things have people done, but with far-reaching repercussions, and are still reaping the fruits from a single day of foolishness?

When you are not aware of spiritual realities, that a single moment of life can totally change the direction of your destiny, you live recklessly. You must become aware that you are not just a physical being, but a spirit. You should be more aware of your spiritual life. A man’s words can bring forth a life of blessing or despair, but most men are not aware of this.

Israel is still a nation even in our generation, but Edom was destroyed because their father was hungry and sold his birthright. Was Esau that hungry? How many things have you sold or lost because of moments of foolishness? Illicit sexual intercourse is another act that shifts destiny and the consequences of that single moment of foolishness can attract a curse that will torment your children’s children.

I want to challenge you not to live like Esau who sold his birthright for a single moment of pleasure. Let your eyes be opened today and begin to live as a spiritual being. Bring changes into your life that will be a blessing not only to you, but to your children’s children. Most of the challenges some families and nations are having is because someone spoke or acted recklessly. There are things you can go without now and through that sacrifice reap greater fruits later. Young men and women abstain from sex. You can withdraw from negative company. Think of any area that can be a parasite — eating away the potential for a great life in you.
God bless you!

Humphrey Mtandwa is an anointed minister of the gospel and teacher of the Word based in South Africa. He has written several books including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness and Theophany. He blogs at mtandwa.blogspot.com and can be contacted via e-mail or WhatsApp on +27 610286350.

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