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Mphepho commits self to local theatre

By Brandon T Ndemera

Renowned playwright and actor Jasen Mphepho says he has so much to offer on the local theatre scene despite his demanding foreign jaunts.

Mphepho is no stranger to the stage, having been involved in a number of plays, including Marcelino, Waiters and the banned Super Patriots and Morons. He said he wants to help bring injustice to light, informing and educating people on domestic violence with his theatre work under the Patsime Trust banner.

After what appears like a hiatus, the Waiters actor resurfaced recently with a new play titled 1000 Miles which premiered at the newly-established Jasen Mphepho Little Theatre.

“Besides leaving momentarily to visit other countries, I have always been in the country focusing most on efforts for the success of the theatre and this latest play,” Mphepho told Standard Style.

The play 1000 Miles is a narration from a dead man, in which he alternates between roles of a mourning wife, uncles, cousins, friends and a hilarious impression of a dog. It is unique in its own respect and captures a lot of similarly shared experiences with the audience.

It was written, directed and performed by Mphepho himself, bringing in Liberty Mwenje Mathole, who plays music in the background.

The solo act encompasses a myriad of themes like family, infidelity, love, lust, marriage, humour and time.

“In a way you could say the characters I portray were symbolise normal Zimbabwean citizens preferably those who have experienced the past few decades,” the veteran actor said.

“I’m very grateful for all the insights pointed out by the audience after the premiere of the play. It is wonderful to understand that someone felt moved by your piece of art, it is the initial intention of it all.”

Since its establishment early this year, the 200-seater Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre has been showcasing a variety of captivating performances outshadowing its presubscribed stature.

The theatre has been booked every Wednesdays to Saturdays from 6 to 8pm with supporting acts from Simuka Comedy, and Alliance Française, who regularly partners with the theatre.

The theatre has delivered well so far and promises to stage even more shows as the year progresses.

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