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Zifa hit back at Chiwanza, Sibanda


Zifa have hit out at suspended executive committee member Chamu Chiwanza following his threats to expose alleged “theft” at the association after his recent suspension on allegations of electoral fraud, as well as his alleged role in destabilising the Warriors at the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) finals.

Chiwanza on Friday announced his intention to challenge the decision by Zifa’s emergency committee before promising to spill the beans on the “theft” that is taking place at the association.

“Zifa welcomes Mr Chiwanza on his willingness to expose the alleged ‘thefts’ at the association. Zifa, while encouraging the suspended board member to act with haste to expose such, also hopes that he will immediately report such to law enforcement agents so that action is swiftly taken on the alleged ‘thieves’,” Zifa said.

The local football mother-body questioned why Chiwanza had waited until his suspension before threatening to expose the alleged corrupt activities at the football association.

“Zifa, however, expresses its disappointment on why it took the suspended board member this long before spilling the so-called ‘beans’ unless this is just desperation and diversionary tactics from the allegations he is facing,” said Zifa.

“Why is the board member wasting precious time in the newsrooms threatening to expose thieves instead of actually exposing them?

“Zifa urges the public to ignore these baseless rantings and wishes to inform the public and allay any fears of impropriety at the association and can only conclude that Mr Chiwanza is just bitter that his shenanigans as per his charge sheet were discovered and is now probably wearing a brave face.”

Zifa challenged Chiwanza to defend himself of the allegations he is facing before the disciplinary committee which shall soon be convened before revealing it was in “possession of a completed electoral nomination where he claimed to have been an official of a women football club for eight years, when he has never been anywhere near that club”.

The football mother body also said it has sufficient evidence which exposes former vice-president Omega Sibanda’s alleged role in destabilising the Warriors at the Afcon finals.

“Zifa wishes to reiterate that it has sufficient information and evidence on Mr Sibanda’s involvement in these callous activities,” Zifa said.

“Zifa has in its possession WhatsApp exchanges involving Mr Sibanda to prove his shenanigans among a vast amount of incriminating and overwhelming evidence on his involvement.

“It is also interesting to note that instead of proving his innocence, Mr Sibanda as a legislator is already celebrating on the anticipated victory through ‘the reputable SRC’ of the banishment of the Zifa board.”

“It is telling that maybe Mr Sibanda already knows what we and the rest of Zimbabweans do not know as to the nature and form of the SRC decision.

“Mr Sibanda is on record indicating that a normalisation committee was already being set up and he shall be part of same even before Zifa had responded to the SRC letter and before the SRC decision had even been announced.”

Zifa said it was Sibanda who had exposed Chiwanza for presenting fake credentials in the run-up to the 2018 Zifa executive committee elections in which he claimed to have the requisite five years’ football experience as prescribed in Article 32 (4) of the Zifa constitution.

“Zifa wishes to inform the nation that it was Mr Sibanda who brought evidence to the fore on the electoral fraud that Mr Chiwanza had committed, having been present when such was mooted and actioned,” the football mother body said.

“Mr Sibanda led all of us to where the evidence was and surely it was there. It is, however, not surprising to Zifa that the cartel has since regrouped, made up and is now fighting football.”

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