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AMH has big plans for Trevor Ncube’s show


ALPHA Media Holdings (AMH) intends to make its latest conversation series anchored by veteran journalist and businessman Trevor Ncube a permanent feature after an overwhelming response to the debut show.

Last Wednesday AMH  launched the new show called In Conversation With Trevor in front of a live audience at Celebration Centre in Harare amid rave reviews. 

The first show featured Ncube, the AMH chairman,  in conversation with Finance and Economic Development minister Mthuli Ncube. 

The “by invitation only” audience also engaged the minister in a robust question-and-answer session. 

Ncube said the show aims to go beyond the headlines and the sensational. 

“At the heart of the show will be nation building, reconciliation and healing,” he said.

Ncube said the responses to the first show had been overwhelmingly positive. People were impressed by the quality of the conversation, the professional production and technical set, he said.

“We aim for international best practice,” said Ncube.

“The videos have gone viral and we are already receiving requests from people who want to be invited for the next show. 
“We are also receiving plenty suggestions as who the next guests #InConversationWithTrevor should be. We are encouraged and excited by this positive response.”

He said the show had been in the planning stage for a long time “to ensure we hit the sweet spot in creating a product and space that elevates our national

“Our nation is polarised and the quality of our conversations is more of shouting and insults. We don’t listen to each other. We talk at cross-purposes. Our
conversations are toxic and binary and rarely move the country forward.

“Sadly, polarisation is not just a Zimbabwean phenomenon,” Ncube said, adding, “Look at the United States of America under President (Donald) Trump and the
British during this Brexit disaster.”

He said the idea behind In Conversation With Trevor is to create a space where politicians, business leaders and other leaders in society can engage with ideas
that have the potential to move Zimbabwe forward.

“I must confess that I have played my role in contributing to this toxicity. By launching this show, I am drawing the line in the sand and saying: Stop it, 
let us change the quality of conversations to move our society forward,” Ncube said.

“Our initial target is a quality Zimbabwean audience in an intimate space, but our long-term goal is a regional and international audience.
“We have big plans for this show. And we have just started.” 

The show will not have any political views of its own. It is a platform and conduit for all Zimbabweans and the international community to engage in telling
pertinent stories. 

“It will be home to all political views and opinions with the only condition being ‘let us disagree without being disagreeable’,” Ncube added. 

In Conversation With Trevor is filmed and produced by the Maverick Media Zimbabwe team led by Ron and Violet Senderayi and the show will be packaged and
distributed on all AMH digital platforms with over three million eyeballs locally and internationally 48 hours after the live space. 

AMH is the biggest privately-owned media house in the country and publishes NewsDay, The Standard, Southern Eye and The Zimbabwe Independent. It also owns
Heart & Soul Teleradio, the first teleradio station in the country. 

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