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SA-based Mateke to open studio in Zim

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Cape Town-based musician Reuben Mateke , who released his debut album Hapana Zvavangatiita in June this year, is set to open a recording studio in Harare with a view to assist struggling but talented artistes.

“The studio will be operational by December and will also come with public adress system hire services so that we provide a full package,” Mateke said.

“We will be recording all genres and I have already identified a producer to work with. His name is Master Dee and we will be beefing up our team once we are fully operational.”

The rising sungura-cum-dancehall musician, who is inspired by Nicholas Zakaria and Winky D, said he was born an artiste whose desire was to go full-time into

“I was born in Beatrice, then moved to Ruwa when I was 13,” he said.

“Music is my first love, but I then moved to Cape Town, South Africa, in 2010 in search of greener pastures and I am happy that I have managed to mobilise some
resources to support my passion,” he said.

The 29-year-old crooner also revealed that he was highly encouraged by the response to his 2018 production which is laced with four beautiful tracks.

“My production last year has made me see possibilities. It carries four tracks namely Chenai, Ndinoda Kufara, NdiMwari and Zimbabwe and this has inspired me to
go all out, hence the work on the studio,” he said.

The studio will be named after the passionate musician and will provide affordable services for local artistes.

“The studio is named Reuby Studios as taken from my first name and will be a professional yet affordable service provider,” he said.

Much of the equipment has already been acquired and Mateke reckons it will be all systems go come December.

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