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What is a secret place?


IN John 15:15, Jesus told his disciples that he would not call them servants anymore for a servant does not have access to the secrets of a father.

There is a depth of knowledge and information that the young in Christ do not have access to. There is information that a few have access to and at times these individuals barely share all their experiences. Those that sit under them partake of this wisdom though they share it as parables.

These men are seldom appreciated because the Lord hides wisdom in things deemed foolish by men. The wisdom of Ahithophel was compared to the very word of God
the bible said his word had the same weight as the very word spoken by an Oracle (a message directly given by God).

Every individual can become and can carry this wisdom but it is released in special places that a few have the patience to break through into. Many just want
bread and butter and do not have the capacity to endure the price paid to enter into these places. A certain man of God I revere once said for years he would
pray at 1 o’clock and would not miss that time of fellowship and prayer. He did this for years until one day when he could not go into prayer because he was
sick. When 1 o’clock came, Jesus came and sat next to his bed for the amount of time he would spend in prayer and he left. Because of his consistency in
prayer, he had broken through to a place where he could experience an almost physical manifestation of Jesus.

When Jacob discovered his place of encounter and immediately erected an altar he later on came back to that place after 21 he had broken through that granted
him access to physically interact with God. “And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth and the top of it reached to the heaven and behold angels
of God ascending and descending.” (Genesis 28:23).

Men and women who have broken through into this dimension have principles they had to follow to give them access. Everything that you see from music to inventions are not created from the natural space but birthed by men and women who have broken through this dimension.

When you finally see these things in the physical, be they airplanes or even computer software, they would have come into our world as thoughts and perceptions
but in the spiritual they would have a structure and could have existed before time.

Everything is found in these secret places and it’s a matter of principle to enter. Patience is one key and an ability to soldier on no matter the
circumstances. In Jacob’s case, for the portal to open, he had spent the whole night with his head on a rock in an open space. He had left the luxury of his
father’s house and was in a place of searching. In that place, he discovered his Bethel. What answers do you want and how desperate are you to receive them?

Many do not have capacity to break through and seldom see the manifestation of the wisdom that is drawn from the secret place. A secret place can be created
and this can be a zone where you enter and immediately begin to interact with God at a deeper and more intimate level where his thoughts and intents become
almost physical.

These places are places where one receives insight. God bless you.

Humphrey Mtandwa is an anointed minister of the gospel and teacher of the Word based in South Africa. He has written several books including The Enoch
Generation, Truthfulness and Theophany. He blogs at mtandwa.blogspot.com and can be contacted via e-mail or WhatsApp on +27 610286350.

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