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Bounty Lisa snubs Soul Jah Love

In happier times… Soul Jah Love and ex-wife Bounty Lisa

By Kennedy Nyavaya

The much-publicised reunion between chanter Soul Jah Love and his former wife Bounty Lisa did not happen as touted in the build-up to the former’s Zviripandiri Zvihombe album launch on Friday night.

A significant part of the youthful crowd that crammed the Harare Gardens concert arena had their high hopes of witnessing the two together doused yesterday morning after realising that Bounty was in no-show.

This had been a perfect opportunity for the two to reassert their love publicly following incessant overtures by the Conquering Family boss since their nasty divorce as a result of his alleged abusive behaviour when under the influence of drugs.

But, it will seemingly take more than just a bigger picture on a concert poster, some charming words from the creative Chibaba — as Soul Jah Love is also known — or the help of a showbiz veteran like Chipaz to make Bounty reconsider the marriage that split acrimoniously.

In fact, only a miracle can salvage the lost affection, which Bounty has described as history.

“I am happy now and I have moved on from my past,” she was quoted saying in May.

However, even without the support from the love of his life, Soul Jah Love staged a fire-powered 90-minute performance which grinded to an unprecedented halt following a lights malfunction at 4.30am yesterday.

It was a blissful culmination of expectation for the thousands of youthful fans that braved the cold weather and austerity measures to support the star.

Artistes, including the Chillspot family, Kinnah, Seh Calaz, Freeman and Jah Signal, among others, gave electric performances, as the fans patiently waited for Chibaba’s latest offering.

It remains to be seen whether the project contains hits in the mould of mega tune Pamamonya Ipapo or not, but judging from the fans’ reaction to the sampled songs, it possesses a fair chance.

Meanwhile, scenes of violence characterised the entrance points as revellers protested the non-negotiable confiscation of their alcohol upon entry.

The standoff gave security personnel a torrid time and saw both them and their leashed dogs working overtime to control the situation.

The chaos escalated when some daring fans pulled down the back fence at the venue to gain free entrance. They were met with brute force.

Although the full extent of the economic loss for the promoters is not yet known, some of the unfortunate tricksters are now nursing wounds from whips and dog bites in what raises eyebrows over security at these shows.

This is the second time this year that such nearly tragic events have unfolded at the same venue and at a show organised by the same promoters, a cue for them to invest more in the safety of patrons.

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