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United States’ domestic terrorism exposed!

Letter from America with KENNETH MUFUKA

In this letter, I want to discuss in some detail the burning issue behind domestic terrorism in the United States.

Before we do that, I will briefly review the events of August 3 and 4, 2019. These two days, Saturday and Sunday best illustrate, as never before, what awaits the US as a nation.

Two young white males, Patrick Crussius (sometimes referred to as Pat Cruz), 24 years old, a resident of Allen Town, Texas, took a journey of 800 miles to the border town of El Paso.

After parking his car outside Walmart, the largest chain shop group in the world, with 3 000 shoppers in any one week-end day, he took careful steps, shooting a group of charity workers outside the doors.

As he went inside, 20 lay dead and 24 suffered serious injuries from gunshots.

The response of the SWAT (Special Forces) and local police were admirable and reflects on the extensive training they received. They responded within six minutes of hearing the first shots being fired.

He is now in custody, alive, without any injuries on his body.

These activities took place last Saturday morning. While the nation was recovering, Cannon Betts, a 24-year-old white male, entered a red light district frequented by people of colour in Dayton, Ohio on Sunday morning. It was August 4.

Again, police response was heroic. Within one minute of hearing the first shot, a 27-year police veteran patrolling the area in the company of a rookie police officers confronted him.

Betts had a two-barrel shot gun, semi-automatic, capable of carrying 100 rounds of ammunition.

Nine customers lay dead and 27 were critically injured before police fired an armor piercing bullet through his bullet proof vest.

One of the dead was his sister.

White supremacist connection

Both Betts and Crassius have left memos on a white supremacist platform, which is the clearest statement so far about their beliefs.

The over-riding fear of the common white man, since slavery, captured by General Bedford Forest, the founder of the Ku Klux Klan in 1870 was the ever present possibility that the white race would be out-populated and their civilisation overwhelmed by people of colour.

General Dwight Eisenhower used the military to round up 1,5 million Mexicans and deport them to Mexico.

The most thoughtful whites, including President Abraham Lincoln, faced the dilemma that while wishing Africans freedom from slavery, they could not imagine sitting on the table of brotherhood as equals.

Africans were to be deported to Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Martin Luther King’s (1964-68) civil rights laws were a compromise. Africans, by this time, comprising only 11% of the population, had largely melted into the American pot and were no longer a threat.

The growing numbers of Hispanics, who were twice as many as Africans, roused serious apprehensions among whites for three reasons.

Through their votes, they controlled six states. They had an economic base of their own.

They had a distinct Hispanic Catholic culture and looked southward to Mexico for inspiration.

The greatest fear arose from a new doctrine called diversity, which discouraged the melting pot, while emphasising cultural identity.

If the Trumpkins read their tea leaves correctly as mentioned below, these people did not want to be American.

They brought to the working place the Quadillo mentality, acceptance of tyranny and the hiring of workers closely related by region, from the same areas in Mexico.

Once they gained supervisory power in packing plant (meat processing plants), they could easily enforce a closed shop atmosphere.

They call this a third world atmosphere.

Industrialists admired their hard work ethic and low wage acceptance.

Thus poor whites found themselves at a disadvantage in the building, roofing and landscaping industries.

Trumpkin thinker announcer Tucker Carlson says: “Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American (white) people, and they are changes none of us ever voted for.”

The elites, who work in banks, educational institutions and global conglomerates, attributed any rumblings by whites to racism and xenophobia.

Whites also fear the importation of a quadillo mentality-the acceptance of welfare and tyranny as intertwined.

A society, which provides welfare services to indigents, housing, medical treatment, food stamps, free education (Pell Grants) can by its very nature be a magnet for poor immigrants.

Cassius mentions all these, though in bad English under a sub-title economic grievances.

When Carlosn said the words below, his television station suspended him for a week.

“We have a moral obligation to admit the world’s poor even if this makes our country poorer, dirtier and more divided.”

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton described them thus. Donald Trump’s supporters are “a basket of deplorable, Islamophobes, misogynists, xenophobes, you name them.”

The point I wish to emphasise here is that any apprehensions by the white under-class was prohibited and shunned by the elites.

Trump is, therefore, the champion of the poor working class because he was the first politician in 30 years to express the thoughts of under-class whites.

A very strange thing also happened. Any white man who expresses such thoughts can easily lose his job. There, in South Carolina, where 64% of the voters went for Trump, I have yet to meet a single white who confesses to such a deed.

Also, these poor whites understand that a high-wage paying society cannot compete with third world economies in manufacturing.

The elites pretended that while textiles migrated to Mexico, high end technical jobs in the motor industry would remain in the US.

This was untrue. Ford Motors has built its largest plant in Mexico in the hope of selling its products in the US-under a free trade agreement.

Job migration is felt most in the former automobile and steel making states.

In 2012 Wade Page went to a Sikh temple and killed seven worshippers.

He apparently singled them out for the economic distress Wisconsin was going through.

Obama was president.

Obama was president when Dylan Roof, went into a black church in July 2015 and murdered or injured 33 members.

Terrorism in the US

The issue is no longer whether one has a job or not, but whether one can trust a company to provide a career or whether one job can sustain a family.

The elites, whose jobs carry some form of tenure, when faced by these questions accuse the poorly educated whites of racism.

Cassius mentions this grievance in his memo. The elites encourage invasion by Hispanic migrants from south of the border, until the country is overwhelmed and whites become a minority.

This, according to Cassius, who is only repeating a well known historical argument-great nations self-destruct by allowing contrary cultural migrations to overwhelm them.

Cultural intersectionality

The new buzz word in the academic world is called cultural intersectionality.

Trump’s policies and vitriolic speeches are blamed for encouraging rage and hatred of migrants and mass murders.

But there are so many factors, which have been neglected for a very long time and are now coming to roost.

There is a law that requires the permission of a lunatic before he (she) can be detained in a medical facility

I do not know of a mad man who confesses to the condition. So is often the case with drunks.

The law originated from good intentions by psychologists had committed the sin of registering too many children for food stamps.

In the Sunday Dayton, Ohio shooting, the boy had a list of girls he wanted to rape and another of folks he wanted to murder.

Surely, a furlough at the asylum would have recalibrated his thoughts.

It is a very foolish man who denies the role of religion in pacifying a populace cursed by tempestuous hearts.

The general denigration of religion, the destruction of the family, the encouragement of divorce, the disrespect of authority and a host of other maladies, including opioid epidemics (inability to endure pain) form part of these new cultural streams.

Great civilisations destroy themselves by suicide.

Trump effect

During the last 40 years of my stay in the US, politicians always presented themselves as problem solvers, even though they created the problems.

The transference of jobs to third world countries was a stupid idea proposed and affected by industrialists and politicians.

These same politicians, including Obama, even told us that same sex marriages were the last frontier of civil right struggles.

Trump was, to ordinary whites, the first in 30 years or so, to listen to their needs and not to lecture them and call them a “basket of deplorables and xenophobes.”

The argument that anybody can walk into a Walmart store and buy a gun is incorrect.

Many guns used in crime are modified by crooks in their basements or transported from across the border.

Trump has exposed the underlying fears of the white majority, which sees itself as on the verge of being swamped by large migrations.

“No country can import large numbers of people who hate it and survive. “The Romans were the last to try that, with predictable results,” says Tucker Carlson.

Whoever succeeds Trump must address the underlying causes of this racial animosity by a comprehensive migration law, or Trumpkin support will continue to fester under the surface.

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