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Chamisa needs decorum advisor

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My People,
What is it about Nelson Chamisa and his now shockingly regular exhibitions of male chauvinism?

Those who witnessed his uncouth behaviour towards his wife at the MDC 20th anniversary commemorations were shocked and left speechless.

Others said they were not surprised at all as they have come to expect Cobra to put his foot in his mouth whenever the microphone is put in front of him.

I am sure we all saw how he embarrassed his wife by grabbing the microphone from her, saying he was the one who makes speeches or something like that.

We have to remember the wife, Sithokozile, was at the point where she was acknowledging the important role that MDC founding president Morgan Tsvangirai and his wife Susan had played in growing the movement.

But like Stalin wiped out Trotsky from the history of the

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, we witnessed the incredible reaction from Nero grabbing the microphone from his bemused wife.

She must be used to such behaviour as we have witnessed similar stunts before.

The worst thing is she was humiliated in public.

Needless to say the cavemen antics were condemned by many as it sent social media platforms into overdrive.

Somebody wondered if the future of women and minorities was safe if the Cobra became president of this country.

This is the person who called his supporters stupid after some of them were fatally shot while others sustained gunshot wounds after being encouraged by their party to go and “protect the vote” whatever that is.

The same fellow who promised to give ED his younger sister in a voting bet or gamble with ED

What a cruel brother. How sexist. How insensitive.

The most frightening thing about Chamisa is he genuinely doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with his sexist and gender-insensitive antics.

And that is dangerous. Especially when you combine that with an appetite for brazen and grandiose pronouncements claiming to have held meetings with Donald Trump and having been promised US$15 billion.

Or telling people that you are going to the United Kingdom at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth when that is clearly not true.

Or telling the world that the Rwandan ICT model was inspired by him, which then gets the Rwandese to deny his statement.

We will not talk about the untruths exhibited on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) programme, Hardtalk.

Such people, Mr Nero, are known as liars.

And people don’t trust or vote for liars.

They don’t think people who lie easily make good presidents as they will lie about any subject.

Chamisa and homophobi

We all assume if Nero can get a real advisor, someone will tell him what to say and what not to say in public.

Also what to do and what not to do in public.

Things like endorsing and bootlicking Robert Mugabe without realising that he was endorsing Saviour Kasukuwere, who is now about to be anointed as the official G40 presidential candidate.

Even his position supporting Gushungo’s anti-gay stance has raised a lot of eyebrows northwards.

Dhakisi ED no better

Not that Dhakisi ED is an angel or saint in terms of dignity or decorum either.

From wiping his nose with the back of his hand to sniffing into microphones while addressing diplomats, this chap is disaster on two legs.

And whatever did we do to deserve a president who wears a garish scarf all over the world even during extremely hot temperatures?

MDC supporters were not too pleased with public media going to town about the microphone incident between Chamisa and his wife.

They were very quick to point out that the same media organisations were very quiet when there were reports of a rumble in the maize field in which Dhakisi Ngwena was reportedly chased by an irate Auxillia.

This was after reports had allegedly surfaced that he had sired a child with an intern at their farm.

Disgusting indeed, if it is true.

You mean at that age and in this era he has no messages to the young people about unprotected sex.

Anyway, we are told that a lot of green cobs were left in his trail as he galloped across the maize field with Auxillia in pursuit.

Movie stuff material indeed. ED’s deputy, Kembo, was also reported to have visited the mother of his children while wielding an axe and done some smashing around while police watched.


Free advice for ED and Mthuli

Zimbabwe is not a poor country and we are always being told that western countries want to steal our resources.

Actually, the people stealing our natural resources are the politicians.

Without bothering about sanctions and other excuses, we should use our resources to benefit Zimbabweans.
Botswana has done it with diamonds and cattle.

Zimbabwe can do it because we have more resources than Botswana.

We have diamonds and cattle like them.

But beyond that we have gold, platinum, forests, copper, lithium, tin and many more with oil discoveries on the horizon.

If politicians stop stealing, our resources are enough to make us independent without needing the European Union to vaccinate our dogs for rabies.
We can’t dip our cattle or vaccinate our dogs against rabies!

Disgusting indeed.

This country needs a Saviour!

Gushungo Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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