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Miss entrepreneur to empower youths

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Nyasha Matanha caught the eyes of the judges at the recent Miss Entrepreneur Masvingo 2019 pageant and was crowned the queen.

Matanha’s task during her reign will be to empower youths in Masvingo through various initiatives.

The Miss Entrepreneur pageant was organised by the Miss Masvingo Society of Young Entrepreneurs (Masoye)

It is an association of young people, who are primarily based in Masvingo Province and share a common objective to empower young people and improve their participation in key economic activities.

It creates platforms for young people to engage, share ideas and experiences. They also pool together resources in order to empower young people.

The pageant is being used to raise awareness and boost resource mobilisation to kick start goals towards participation and empowerment of young people in various sectors of the economy.

Matanha said the title means a lot to her.

“This crown meant a lot to me as I am now representing young entrepreneurs in Masvingo,” she said.

“I believe this crown is going to open more avenues for me.”

Matanha wants to organise workshops to help youths with entrepreneurial skills.

“During my reign I will do empowerment workshops for Masvingo youths,” she added.

“I will share my entrepreneurial journey with other youths telling them we should not only rely on the degrees we have, but use our hands to sustain a living.

“Our dreams and our lives are in our hands, so we have to work for it. Not forgetting the charity work I will do in Masvingo.”

Matanha is also the reigning Miss Heroes Masvingo.

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