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Summer handbag essentials: What you should carry

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Summer is fully here. It’s that time of the year where the outdoors reign. Non-stop dancing at music festivals, weddings and parties, backyard, lake view braai outs and just recently fancy traditional marriage ceremonies. We all are accustomed to transitioning our wardrobe, but what about our must have, at all times accessory — the handbag.

We all have that one handbag that we just always seem to resort to without thinking. It seems to always be able to carry everything we need and without us thinking twice about the many other contents in the bag. Now just like our wardrobe our handbags need to transition and be up to date with every new season.

Before we talk of the contents of what’s inside the handbag lets take a look at the handbag itself. What’s the most ideal handbag for summer? This one can be a difficult one to decide, seeing in summer you want something light, breezy and easy to carry around. On the other hand, you want something that can carry all your summer essentials so you can be self-sustaining at all times.

Ideally then, it means you might want to have two handbags for summer. One chunky one, you can easily leave in the back of your car and the other small, light and practical handbag that will fit your smaller frequently used essentials that you can just tag along everywhere. The design, colour and fabric you choose is entirely your preference as long as it is something practical for you.

Now that you have your handbag, here are a few essentials that you need to have with you at all times in summer. The very first thing you ought to pack away in your handbag is a reusable bottle of water. It is essential to keep yourself fully hydrated at all times with water from a trusted source. So don’t leave things to chance and drink water from everywhere, always have your bottle of water with you if you know you are going to spend a bit of some time out and away from your trusted source of water you can even carry an extra bottle or resort to the bigger bottles. There are some fancy and trendy water bottles on the market you can choose from, that will not take anything away from your outfit but rather will add that accessory feel to your overall look.

In the summer heat, lips tend to dry out quickly becoming cracked and chapped as the day goes by. To avoid this always have something to moisturise your lips ideally a lip balm that will not only make your lips look good, but will add much needed moisture and vitamins to keep your lips soft and moist all the time.

If you fancy coloured lips then try a tinted lip balm, it will give you that hint of colour you crave for, while still keeping your lips moisturised even long after the shade has worn off.

A pair of sunglasses is a definite must have apart from being an essential summer accessory, sunglasses help in protecting your eyes from the harshness of the sun. Everyone knows that sunglasses make it easier to see on a sunny day, and can be great protection for your eyes from dust and smoke that comes from the braai stand if you are going for a braai out. Do remember though, to get sunglasses that work well with the shape of your face, and compliments your key features. You can stock up several pairs of sunglasses that you can always switch around to keep things exciting and interesting.

Another huge and unfortunate downfall of summer is the unavoidable sweating and perspiration that comes with the hot weather. Make sure you drop some deodorant into your bag which you can reapply through out the day. Ideally get travel size sticks which you can easily stash away in your bag without making the bag too bulky. Seeing travel size sticks are rare on our market you can still resort to the smaller bottles of deodorant that you can get specifically for your handbag.

After applying the deodorant have, some spritz readily available. The beauty of a spritz is you can easily spray it all over your body to get that fresh smell and a refreshed feeling. Speaking of refreshed do remember to chuck in a sunscreen with SPF if you are going to spend long periods in the sun. For the sunscreen to work you need to reapply it as per the instructions on the bottle. For your face, get some facial mist which can easily refresh your face.

Although make up is not recommended in hot weather, if you decide to spruce up your look a little bit, do not go all out, rather keep it basic. With your basic make up done, do not forget to throw in some matte powder as this will come in handy when you want to have that fresh and calm look.

Summer makes a lot of things feel sticky as they dry out quite quickly. Always have a bottle of hand sanitiser in your hand bag which you can use to keep your hands clean. Recently we have also seen hygienic wet wipes surfacing on the market. These are great for keeping your hands sanitary clean and are flexible enough to be used for cleaning many other things when having an outdoor event. Have these in your hand bag as they will always come in handy and you will be grateful you had them on standby.

Although some might view it as not so essential, you might just want to chuck in your portable charger or power bank for your social media addiction. This is 2019 and we keep all our memories and adventures on social media and pictures in our phones. If it is worth your time, it is most probably worth a snap or to freeze in time, so have your back up power bank or portable charger at hand so you can capture that moment without breaking a sweat.

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