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How to balance mom life, business and fitness

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Women are inspiring. Between having children and handling work, they still manage to hold high-positions across different industries;they start their own businesses;raise families and still find time for fitness and personal growth. With only 24 hours in a day, how do they do it all ?

We engaged Women Around the globe particularly Zimbabwe , Botswana ,Zambia, South Africa, USA and the UK. These are women who do it all, work full-time,raise children,maintain their homes and still have time for fitness and personal development. Here’s what they said;

Commitment and hard work are major keys

My name is Josephine married and am blessed with two handsome boys. I run my own business full-time and I work 8 am to 5 pm. We don’t have a helper in our house, so we all do house chores. I make time for gym four to five times a week and the whole family is involved. I balance my life easily through commitment and hard work and the results are so amazing. Getting fit and claiming my sexy body back gives me confidence since i like dressing up and shopping for clothes.

So time management and discipline is all that working for me. (Josephine is a director of a company in South Africa)
I stopped being a martyr

Hello Megan here from South Sudan. I have four children who I love so much. When I saw this forum I felt jitters cause this is the right platform for my story. When I had my first baby my husband suggested I be a housewife and I refused, second child then I finally gave in. So I was a stay at home mom, doing the cleaning and I would workout, but not out there only in the comfort of my home. This is what most women do and are expected to do by most spouses. I was not happy by the time I had my fourth baby I knew this wasn’t the life I wanted. I was done being a martyr. I decided to stand my ground and take action. I Made a schedule of picking the kids from school with my husband on it, I applied for a job and I registered for two classes every week of Zumba. And here I am happy and satisfied. I just want women to know that you need to stop being the sacrificial lamb. Just because you have a family doesn’t mean all your dreams are worthless. Stand your ground and take action too. Be the empowered mama!!! (Megan is a beautician in South Sudan).

Women are truly superior beings

It’s challenge to keep your house order especially when one goes to work,keeping fit and being a mum. For me it’s extra hard because after work I go to school and when one gets home the kids are waiting with their homework to be helped. Cooking and washing on the other hand need to be done. I am there to comfort, encourage and pray for the family for protection and so I have to hold myself together for them. We need to thank God because women are truly a Superior Being. Cheers to Super Mum’s!!!! (Nontokozo is a country manager in an airline in Zimbabwe).

I made healthy choices a lifestyle

My name is Tatenda and I am a mother of two. A 15 year old girl and 11 year old boy. l stay in Harare, Zimbabwe. My routine is l woke up and take lemon water everyday. I go to work from 8 am to 5 pm. During the day I survive with water. After work l prepare my supper which is mostly veges, eggs and a little starch. That is my daily routine .The scale drives me to continue because recently l lost four kgs in two weeks. l sometimes want to give up especially towards and during my monthly periods because of the sugar cravings I get. My key elements are watching what l eat and am ready to go.( Tatenda is an accountant in Zimbabwe).

Dedication is key

I am not a mother yet but I think you have to find out what really motivates you. Here in LA I am always on camera, acting and modelling I generally have to look good and so I work out. I love working out, it helps deal with stress, it’s like a good release. I spice it up a lot, sometimes Zumba, sometimes Running, sometimes Cross fit. You need to enjoy it and not take it like it’s a job or task. I always fall off my Healthy meal plans but no matter how much I slack I go back and start over because the idea is not simply dieting but making a lifestyle change! The goal is to be healthy so that I can age gracefully. I am not into fitness entirely for looks, I am not trying to be a size zero, I hardly even weigh myself. As long as I feel comfortable in my clothes then I am good. Key element to focus on is Yourself. Find routines that work for you and find an accountability partner to make your Journey easier. I have been told by my friends who have children that when you have kids they become your world and they become your greatest motivation. So you will stay healthy for them, Be a Boss and still be a good mom for them. (Denise is a movie producer, director and model in USA).

In the end everything always works out

Hello!) I am a single mum with one handsome boy. I had my son on the most difficult of circumstances and He is my greatest motivation. Doing my fitness routines everyday and eating healthy is to fight to achieve my goals of being healthy and fit. I don’t give up because the scale is not moving after an intensive month, but rather I soldier on for I know I am in the right direction. Remember Results are never instant. Key elements I focus on is my health, my job and my son. It is my goal to see my son smiling always and I can do that by providing for him that’s why I work hard on myself and my job too. Do I reach a point of giving up Oh Hell NO!! I believe in myself and in God Almighty, I can do anything. I already have two roles Marscy the Mum & Dad. How do I really do it, I focus now and the future, no looking back!!!! Woman are stronger than you know. (Marscy is a volunteer in South Africa)

Who said its easy? You can only try!!

Working full time while raising kids and working out is just really Hard. I do know how to respond to people who ask “How do you do it all?” The best answer is I don’t but I try and make it work. I allow myself to have a sink full of dirty plates, take my child to day care and skip a few workout classes and add a few pounds from pizza. I am not too strict on myself, No one has it all but we all try. Be flexible, laugh at yourself and enjoy every little moment!! Fitness, Work, Baby are all realities that we can’t be perfect in. (Fiona is a registered nurse and midwife in UK).

Try compartmentalising

Hello ladies. My name is Abina from Team Ghana I have 2 beautiful twins who I love so much. As a mom, a business owner and a human I am not afraid of asking for help because sure enough I can’t do it all. I agree with @fiona. It’s however important that you are fully present in all roles. You can’t be half present for your children and you can’t be half present at your job or whilst working out. Find time for everything and compartmentalize….. When I am at home with my kids then they have all my attention, at work I am fully present jokes aside and when I workout I am there in the moment promoting my self-growth and maintaining my health so that I am able to be there for my family and for my Job….I am not perfect and so I am not afraid to ask for help entirely. My husband being the main target of course (Abina is a doctor in Ghana).

These are all Powerful, Empowered Women who show us that we can do it all. The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself , be herself and shine. Get inspired to channel your inner warrior Ladies by learning from others. Throughout history the world witnessed many great women of strength who managed to tap into their Everyday power to leave an indelible mark on society. You are that woman too just by your mere existence as a woman.

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