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All juicy news from the US worth printing

Letter from America:with KENNETH MUFUKA

The festive season, 2019, coincides with the pre-election season for the combined election season, 2020. There is no shortage of juicy news.

Like cockroaches, politicians, their uncles, sons and daughters, are showing up in the most unheard of places trying to pre-commit the people’s votes in their favor.

The primary season is supposed to wean out the corn from the chaff. A candidate knows he or she is done when supporters withdraw their financial support.
Sister Kamala Harris

Of the 23 Democratic candidates for president, California Senator Sister Kamala Harris, has been found to be a charlatan, two months before the first Iowa caucuses begin. Her initial US$12 million fund has dried up and her workers are saying bad words.

Harris projected herself as the new Barak Obama (she is of mixed race), beautiful and articulate. Obama was a unifying force, Harris is divisive.

The trouble with the “almost white candidates” is that when it suits them, they run with the dogs (the whites) and when things go bad they return home and say they are black.

Harris made her name in California by locking up 1500 marijuana users and boasted about it. She was trying to please her white audiences then. But here is the juicy part. A clever journalist caught up with her.

“Ms Harris, have you ever smoked marijuana?” She laughed and refused to answer.

The issue here, which she now wants to advance, is that poor blacks are locked up in jailhouse all over the United States while rich kids like Barak Obama and Bill Clinton smoked like coal trains and nobody noticed.

In another juicy bit, Harris lambasted former vice president Joe Biden, the nicest man one will ever meet about earlier indiscretions on busing. Busing was intended to end racially segregated schooling.

When she was growing up, she was able to play white and black whenever it suited her. So the pretense that she suffered is all just noise.

Tulsi Gifford, a fiery Hawaiian delegate challenged her and undressed her about these shenanigans. She ended up a fraud.

The final blow came from one of her mangers, Ms Kelly Mehlenbacker who exposed Harris cruel streak. “This is the third presidential campaign and I have never seen an organization treat its workers so badly.”

To give such a statement to the New York Times is to wish her employer the worst. It was only eight days before Harris folded her camp.
Lisa Page

Readers are advised to fill in the blanks. As I write, December 4, attorney Lisa Page has decided to “come out” and fight President Donald Trump.

Page says, “I have had it. I will not be silent anymore.”

This is one of the situations where a person is advised to keep silence because whatever she says makes the situation worse.

Page, a senior attorney in the Federal Bureau of Investigations, was alarmed as the electoral process in 2016 seemed to be favouring Trump.

“Trump is not going to be president, is he?” Page emailed her lover, Peter Strzok, who was married at the time.

“No, he won’t,” replied Strzok, “He (Trump) is a (f-word) idiot. He will be a national security disaster.”

But the juicy words are these. “I love you Lisa! Lisa! Lisa! But, we can’t take that risk. We will take an insurance policy against that son of a bitch!” This is Trump telling a 50 000 strong election crowd. The crowd absolutely loves Trump’s imitation and theatrics.

Trump is a drunken Irishman. He loves a fist fight. Trump repeated these words, with a feigned “oozing.” Page says that was what broke the camel’s back.

She told a Congressional Committee; “The president of the United States is calling me names to the entire world.”

In the past, politicians used to hire ‘hatchet men” to do their dirty work. This is the first time a president does his own fighting. If you pick up a fight with Trump, be prepared to go the whole way into the mud.

The Salvation Army

Though a sad story, the trials and tribulations of the Salvation Army leave us with something to laugh and cry at the same time.

The SA is the purest organization one will ever get. Its mission is to do the most good. It does not discriminate by race, gender or even religion. In 2018 alone, it served 25 million people in need of shelter, food, water or even clothes.

During a wild fire in California, some merchants found a way of making a killing by selling water, coffee and drinks to fire-fighters. The Salvation Army provided ht drinks, blankets and kind words to the same fighters for free.

So, one would think that their red kettle season of giving is non-controversial. The Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Trans-gender, and Queer groups have come out fighting.

British pop singer Ellie Goulding threatened to cancel an appearance at the Dallas Cowboys event celebrating the SA thanksgiving campaign unless they serve the LGBTQ community.

Goulding was ignorant. The SA does not discriminate against any of God’s children. But the pressures mounted. Fault was found in the SA’s gender policy.

If a bearded man seeks night shelter at their half-way houses, whether that man claims to be female of not, shelter will be provided in the male section. The LGBTQ community is outraged. So they pressured Chick-fil-A, a popular chicken restaurant to cut ties with the SA. The SA will lose U$9 million for the season.

The LGBTQ found another fault. The SA is a God-centered organization which believes that God created man and woman.

There is a long list of organizations that have been driven under by the LGBTQ community quarrels, namely, the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and even library book reading.

In my home town, the LGBTQ community won a battle with the library association. They offered bearded men dressed in women’s attire as volunteer readers for children. Their argument is that male-female matrices are socially engineered rather than God created.

Pray for the Salvation Army.

l(Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot who writes from the US. He is the author of many books, the latest, Life and Times of Robert Mugabe: Dream Betrayed is sponsored by INNOV Bookshops in Zimbabwe and by kenmufukabooks.com in the wider world.)

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