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Rainbow Towers guns for refreshing global look

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Walking into a hotel room for the first time is tantamount to meeting a stranger and there are major first glance attributes that may live to define that relationship’s future.

Unlike humans who build connections mainly through conversations, the dispute whether one likes a place or not depends particularly on the environment and things like lighting, colour themes and even scent really matter.

Be it in Cape Town (South Africa), Berlin (Germany) or Nanjing (China), a good city hotel experience is uniformly characterised by modern setting, ample space and comfort.

This is the standard that Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG) through its flagship five-star hotel, the Rainbow Towers, is aiming for when it reopens its guest room side, which is currently closed for refurbishments until January 31 next year.

“It’s really taking our rooms to world-class standards because when you look at the profile of our guests, these are business travellers whether local or foreign they are all well-travelled and there are certain expectations in terms of standard,” RTG’s corporate communications and innovations manager Pride Khumbula told journalists during a tour of the old and renovated rooms on Tuesday.

According to Khumbula the revamp process of 183 rooms, set to gobble up to US$3 million, is their attempt at “raising our product” to meet the international expectations.

Based on the two new model rooms seen by Standard Style, the hotel could indeed be up to a stimulating upgrade come 2020.

There is something classy and alluring about their contemporary themes marked by a colour palette of earth tone colours including greys and beige tones with hues of blue.

Added to this eye-candy, the feisty lighting, modernised bathrooms and generous room space is enough to set a settling paradisiac mood far away from the cosiness of one’s home.

“The new rooms and suites will embody an ultra-modern contemporary theme,” reads RTG’s statement on the refurbishments.

“Part of the works will necessitate the reconstruction of the guest room interior space such as the construction of bulk heads with down lights to enhance the overall room lighting and general ambience.”

The project will also include the installation of two high-tech guest elevators to complement the modernisation programme that has seen them also introduce world class bed-side power sockets.

Meanwhile, although the food and beverage as well as conferencing side will be open during the refurbishments, the hotel is reportedly losing millions during the refurbishments that will complement the standard of the rest of the rooms that have been upgraded in the past.

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