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Madzibaba Masango visits UK


Prominent cleric Madzibaba Strive Masango of the Johanne Masowe Kubata kweVapostori church who is famed for his “Back to sender” mantra is currently visiting the United Kingdom.

In an interview with Standard Style before his departure last Thursday, Madzibaba Masango said he would be conducting healing and deliverance services in Leicester from January 11.

“We will be flying to United Kingdom on Thursday in response to people’s request to visit them during the first three weeks of the New Year as we celebrate life in 2020,” he said.

“We only travel outside the country upon request as I do not just wake up and decide where to go, but I am directed where to go and how to conduct prayers in various places where I am led to go.”

Asked about his source of power, Madzibaba Masango said he was God’s instrument who was being used to heal people and solve their problems most of which are spiritual.

Madzibaba Masango said he saw nothing wrong in using his spiritual powers to “lock” cheating husbands’ manhood. He said he was saving marriages from sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and Aids.

The ‘central locking’ practice is prevalent in Africa, including Zimbabwe. In certain instances, cheating couples have been found stuck during sexual encounters as a result of the use of the central locking system.

“I know critics of God’s work will always be there, but I don’t see any wrong doing in performing the central locking miracle, I do this in order to curb extra-marital relationships that are a threat to marriage,” he said.

“Only if one has faced the cheating problem that would threaten their marriage that is when someone can be able to appreciate this sexual locking miracle. Cheating is a betrayal of the rights of the wife or husband so we are saying no to cheating.”

Madzibaba Masango, who vowed to continue with the central locking, said through spiritual powers he could make cheating couples stuck to each other during sexual intercourse.

“Apart from causing erectile dysfunction, I can also cause cheaters to get stuck. However, I can only do this when the Holy Spirit has instructed me to do so,” he said.

“There are a number of people who have come up with their testimonies. Some respected businesspeople, musicians and politicians have been delivered during private sessions at our surgery.”

Madzibaba Masango said he was aware that there were people who criticised him for his work.

“I know that I was sent to a nation with some detractors who will question the miracles of God, so I do not need to be understood by people neither do I need approval of the community in ministering the Word of God,” he said.

“I do not expect people to understand me on their physical basis as I do spiritual things that they do not know and things that I see they cannot see them.”

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