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Beautician Alifaya dispels myths surrounding cosmestics

By Style Reporter

There has been divided opinion on the use of cosmetics in society and health experts have also weighed in with their mixed views on the subject.
Harare beautician Melody Alifaya, popularly known in beauty circles as Mama Tanya, has been in the industry for eight years and she believes there is need to raise awareness on the use of cosmetics.

“I think the issue of cosmetics is not that complex as people might want to believe,” Alifaya told Standard Style.

“This is my eighth year in the industry and I have seen people doing well after we would have explained to them about cosmetics.”

Mai Tanya says most of the beauty products in Zimbabwe are imported and it is the duty of those selling them to explain to their clients on how to use them, more so the effects of the products on the skin.

Alifaya refutes claims that cosmetics are meant to change people’s skin colour.

“People think cosmetics are all about skin lightening, but that is not true because cosmetics are meant to enhance beauty by covering blemishes and dark sports on the skin,” she said.

“Cosmetics can act as sunscreens and some minimise the development of skin cancer.

“These cosmetics are applied for various uses, for instance, anti-ageing creams can partially reverse the signs of ageing while sunscreens can protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun.

“On the other hand, regular use of moisturisers can restore softness and moisture of the skin.”

Alifaya said the use of soap and water was not enough to get rid of cosmetics on one’s face.

“Lotion and creams, if not completely removed, can block pores in the skin which may lead to acne and infections,” she said.

“Cleansing cosmetics should be used to deeply penetrate the pores and remove the underlying dirt.”

The 35-year-old beautician said most of her clients were women aged above 16 years.

“The response is just overwhelming because I always tell people the truth when they come to buy such things,” she said.

“My wish is to establish a centre that is big with health experts explaining the use of these things before they buy.”

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