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Spitzkop’s new kid on the entertainment block

By Style Reporter

Harare, just like any capital city the world over, has witnessed phenomenal growth over the years with new suburbs sprouting across the length and breadth of the city.

With a population of more than 1,6 million people, Harare’s rapid growth is straining resources, more so, social amenities that has seen the coming-in of aggressive private players.

The dearth of traditional beer outlets, most of them operated by local authorities, has given birth to the transformation of open-air bars into de facto al fresco entertainment rendezvous.

One such entertainment outlet that has brought with it attractive packages is Spitzkop Leisure Centre on the periphery of the capital in Snake Park along the Harare-Bulawayo Road.

According to the manager of the new joint, Myra Aisam, the leisure centre, located a stone’s throw from the White House, is designed to provide patrons with a fresh, modern and recreation venue.

“We specialise in quality locally sourced meat and serve traditional dishes. We also offer a play area with toys and swings for children to enjoy themselves,” Aisam told Standard Style last week.

“We target mature clients whose daily lives are busy and who need to relax and unwind by listening to soft jazz, soul and blues music.”

Aisam said the fresh-looking facility was more of a community centre, providing locals with a decent place to meet and hang out.

“The aim is to have a place where people can escape the everyday stresses of life while enjoying quality braai meat and some classic, old school tunes,” she said.

The spacious joint has a wide range of children’s facilities and Aisam believes entertainment joints trending have embraced the needs of children.

“We have a play area for kids to run around and burn some energy while the adults can quench their thirst with a beverage and enjoy quality flame-grilled meat,” she said.

“The leisure centre is the first of its kind here in Spitzkop and our quality, locally sourced meat, the classic, old school music and the play area are what sets us apart.

She said the leisure centre would set new standards and higher targets in the future.

“Spitzkop Leisure Centre will be known as your home away from home and the go-to centre for delicious, reasonably priced meat and a calming atmosphere. At the moment, we are still developing,” Aisam said.

The joint is also famed for its potpourri of entertainment throughout the week, ranging from live bands, which play jazz, blues and soul music, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

“During the days when the live bands are not playing, we will have jazz, blues and soul music available on our speakers. Music is one of the most essential elements of the centre; hence our tag line: ‘Home of Jazz, Blues and Soul Music’,” Aisam said.

“We believe that one of the most essential components to a great outing experience is good music.”

She said activities of the joint were readily available on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The leisure centre also hosts other social gatherings, including birthday parties.

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