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Upacking ‘Rudo Rwemadhombi’ skit

By Style Correspondent

Poverty has been at the centre of most family break-ups as partners in some instances are compelled to separate as they travel long distances to seek greener pastures.

In most cases people end up breaking up and having extramarital affairs in the process.

In that light, two comedians Bothwell Mwanandimai and Thelma Mukonza have come up with a social media skit Rudo Rwemadhombi.

The two, who use the stage names Baba naMai BP, unpack how poverty has been instrumental in family break-ups
In the skit Mai BP, who had kicked out her husband because he had no money, asks for forgiveness trying to bring him back.

Her efforts hit a brick wall as the husband refuses to return to their matrimonial home despite being offered the house and a car.

In an interview, Mwanandimai said they were trying to educate the nation through their jokes.

“This skit reveals how money can cause disharmony in the family, people are breaking up because of money, you have seen me being kicked out of the house, but her efforts to bring me back are fruitless,” Mwanandimai said.

He said they were getting overwhelming feedback as people were relating to the skit.

“That has been the case with people coming to me saying how they have been overwhelmed by the situations. Our purpose is to educate the nation through these skits, that impact is what we are looking for,” he said.

The two met last year when they were doing skits with Lorraine Guyo before they decided to merge and come up with two characters Baba na Mai BP.

Mukonza has starred on several local dramas that include Muchaneta and Conflicts.

She is optimistic that their brand will grow because of the strong messages contained in their skits.

“We are trying to be different because our messages are purely social. Both men and women suffer abuse in the house, but they are reluctant to say it out especially men. Our thrust is to let those cats out of the bag through skits, and this year our productions will reveal some of these issues,” Mukonza said.

She thanked the corporate world for embracing their work.

“People are coming to us and organisations have approached us because of our messages. We are grateful that they appreciate our work and we are optimistic that with our messages, more are coming,” she said

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