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Kwekwe school dropout strikes gold in Nollywood


TWO years after dropping out of school in Kwekwe, Zimbabwean teen actor Caroline Chipwanyira (pictured) has struck gold in Nigerian showbiz after securing a role in a potential blockbuster.

Chipwanyira said she had no regrets about her decision to drop out of A’ Level and abandon her wish to become a lawyer, as she opted for her passion for arts.

In an interview with Standard Style from her Lagos base, the young actor said she had since enrolled at Royal Arts Academy run by Nigeria’s famous Emem Isong in Lagos, to hone her acting skills as she is not looking back in her newly-found career.

“I always wanted to be an actress, but my dad wanted me to be a lawyer from day one,” she said.

“However, I decided to follow my heart. For the love of arts, l used to watch a lot of movies and stars like Regina Daniels who made me to want to venture more into acting.

“I started featuring in some films produced by Emem Isong, who is a Nigerian screenwriter, film producer and director and is a dominant figure in that industry. At first I was getting some extras roles until I was able to get big roles like in Something True, the movie which will be out soon.

“I am happy that so far I am enjoying what I am doing in the world of film.”

The teen actor said it took great persuasion for her parents to accept the route she had taken.

“At first they were both unhappy with me and they tried by all means to make me go back to school. So, after some time I talked to mom and told her how I felt and what I really wanted and promised to never disappoint her,” she said.

“So, with her help and that of my sisters, I managed to convince my dad and he let me go and for now they feel that they made the right decision and they are so happy and proud of me.”

In the forthcoming movie, Something True, Chipwanyira’s film name is April Parry. She plays the role of a girl from a broken family with a Zimbabwean mother and a Nigerian father.

The parents broke up when she was a kid and had to be taken back to Zimbabwe with her mother only to return at 21 after things got tough in her motherland to meet her dad for the first time in 20 years.

Other films that Chipwanyira has featured in include All Good Things and Love Potion.

As she continues to sharpen her acting skills, the Kwekwe-bred actor is studying theatre arts.

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