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Lady Squanda speaks on weight loss

By Lowen Mutambara

Forget the chubby Lady Squanda as the Zimdancehall artiste, born Samantha Muchaneta Gazi (pictured), has bounced back with a slim and sexy bikini body.
She said her new-look was all about maintaining a healthy body weight.

“I have lost weight because my previous body was affecting my performance on stage and if you become chubby, you look like an old woman,” she told Standard Style last week.

The award-winning crooner said her silence, especially during the better part of last year, was mainly to do with her rebranding.

“I was quiet the whole of 2019 because I was rebranding to be an improved person and this year I will be a new Lady Squanda with a new name Chibeast,” she said.

“Last year I managed to release a single titled Takatandara, but this was not enough for my fans, that’s why this year I want to release a new album.

“I am working on a new album called Life is You, which carries 12 tracks. The album is about life events and on the album I don’t have any collaboration with any local artistes, but I feature some international artistes.

“I will have regional tours and I shall visit Zambia and other countries.”

Famed for the song Ndinovhaira, the self–proclaimed Queen of Zimdancehall took a swipe at some promoters in the habit of “exploiting” them”
“These promoters invite us to perform, but after the shows they disappear without paying us,” she said.

“They are instead destroying our music and that’s why there are less women doing Zimdancehall music. As of me, I will fight and keep going ahead despite those challenges.”

Lady Squanda has been dogged by controversy from fights over men, and use of provocative and vulgar words in her songs.

However, she said she had rebranded and fans should expect a better person.

Lady Squanda started performing at the age of 15 years and one of her tracks Cracker raised her to stardom. However, her breakthrough was when she featured Freeman on the song Exclusive Dub.

In 2013 she won the Best Female Artiste of the Year gong at the Zimdancehall Awards, an accolade she got again the following year.

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