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MC Tyto ties knot in hip-hop fashion

By Sindiso Dube

Veteran hip-hop artiste MC Tyto recently showed the world that he breathes, eats and sleeps the hi-hop culture as he flexed his creative juices to tie the knot in hip-hop fashion with his sweetheart Priscilla Mtambo in a ceremony which was attended by a number of artistes.

MC Tyto, born Titus Marume, is part of the old school hip-hop heads in Bulawayo, in the class of Othordox Six, POY, Prozac and Power FM radio’s DJ Emmity Smooth. Tyto is a songwriter, rapper, producer, fashion designer and video director.

The theme of the wedding was Love and Music, the place was decorated with black and white colours. The couple’s cake was a three-tier musical piece with a keyboard and musical notes on the top tier, and to put the icing on the cake, music was provided by renowned hip-hop and R‘n’B wheel-spinner Emity Smooth.

The dreadlocked groom showed up in a grey tuxedo and a pair of snow-white Airforce One sneakers. As if that was not enough surprise for the occasion, the bride rocked up late sporting ginger shorts that stunned and wowed guests who probably expected to see her in a weave or wig.

Speaking to Standard Style, MC Tyto described his love story as a “modern-day fairytale”.

“The best way to describe it is modern-day fairytale. We have been friends for the past 21 years since we met at a local college when we were in Lower Six,” he said.

“We became best buddies and we shared a lot in common from sports, to movies and most importantly the love for hip-hop.

“After A’ Level, we went our separate ways chasing life’s destinies, but never lost contact. Priscilla got married and I became hip-hop’s most wanted baby father and got three kids in the process. While all this was happening, she remained supportive of my music and hip-hop hustles and even went on to feature on my video.

“Next in line in 2014, a few moons later we decided to stop crying on each other’s shoulders and be together as a couple and I can only describe the experience as ‘bliss’.

“Eventually I moved from Cape Town and joined her in Durban. I proposed and when she said ‘yes’, I didn’t waste time and called my uncles and we went to pay lobola and here we are, we are married and happy that we are together.”

He added: “We wanted it to be a celebration of love and music, hence we were dressed in hip-hop elements.

“Hip-hop culture is not just about the music, it’s a way of life and we had to embrace it and celebrate it on our wedding because that’s what we are all about — hip-hop.”

Meanwhile, MC Tyto, popularly known as Malume, is working on his fifth studio album, which he revealed was being produced by Elemental Force, mixed and mastered by himself and would carry no features.

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