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Mnangagwa has made us a laughing stock

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
So it has come to this?

That despite all that silly and stupid posturing, talk of territorial integrity and sovereignty is all empty and shallow words.

That under the leadership of Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwean politicians have been exposed as all bark and no bite.

While it may be claimed that the rot started many years ago, history will record that it was under the leadership of Mnangagwa that Zimbabwe became the laughing stock of the world when it was banned from hosting international football matches because its stadiums are in a derelict state.

Imagine the humiliation that Zimbabweans have to go through by begging to host their international matches in other countries.

Mnangagwa should not shoulder the blame alone as there are many who are to blame for that national embarrassment.

However, the buck stops with him as the president of Zimbabwe.

And history, will cruelly record that it was while Mnangagwa was president, during his watch, that Zimbabweans had their most favourite sport, football, taken away from them.

After all, from the time of the illegal coup, Mnangagwa has had almost two years to prove that he has better leadership qualities.

Sadly, he has been found to be woefully wanting when it comes to providing leadership that works for the Zimbabwean people.

He will turn out to be one of the most disappointing leaders as there was hope that he would improve the lives of Zimbabweans.

But it now turns out that improving the lives of himself and his family members appears to be occupying most of his time.

And many Zimbabweans are still shell-shocked by the levels of incompetence under Mnangagwa’s regime to the extent of failing to renovate a few stadiums so that they suit the Confederation of African Football (CAF) standards.

Surely the CAF standards can’t be that high given that the organisation has always been in the eye of a storm concerning match-fixing, favouritism and a cocktail of other malpractices.

So, simply put, Zimbabweans can no longer  enjoy their favourite sport, football, because we have an incompetent government that is building a private tourist attraction in Kanyemba and private roads into private farms instead of renovating or building new state-of-the-art stadiums.

Even Nelson Chamisa and his Movement for Democratic Change, MDC, should be blamed for failing to renovate stadiums owned by municipalities, which they control such as Rufaro Stadium and Barbourfields.

Surely if the MDC-controlled municipalities were serious about investing in the people’s game, they would have ensured that football was played in very modern stadiums.

Zimbabweans, being Zimbabweans, will not stop coming up with conspiracy theories, especially on issues close to their hearts like failing to watch their blundering no-talented Warriors.

Instead of watching their Warriors on Dead BC at little cost, Zimbabweans will now have to subscribe to some cable television station using very scarce United States dollars.

Anyway, the conspiracy theory is as follows.

It starts with an angry former Zifa leader who left office by losing elections.

He has since made it his favourite hobby to make sure the Zifa leadership fails at every turn.

The story became very interesting when from nowhere, he announced that he would build a state-of-the-art stadium, which he dubbed “Theatre of Dreams”.

The more curious will find the coincidence between the decision to build a modern stadium and the condemnation of existing stadiums more than interesting.

The first point to recognise is that the former Zifa leader helped to topple former CAF president Issa Hayatou and installed his own stooge who, out of gratitude, will do anything to please him.

So, according to the conspiracy theory, what better way would there be for revenge than for the former Zifa boss to get the new head of CAF to condemn all the stadiums in Zimbabwe as an escalation of the internal Zifa fights?

After all, it is being whispered, some of them have been arrested in the past for selling sensitive Zimbabwean information to foreign spies.

The other theory is that the United States of America and its allies in Europe have identified another area, which can unite Zimbabweans in anger: football.

After failing to effect regime change through the hopeless MDC and economic sanctions, they are hoping, it is said, that if they influence CAF to condemn our stadiums, Zimbabweans, in their collective anger, will vote Zanu PF out of power.

Gushungo Woyeee!
Grace Ntombizodwa Woyeee!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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