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Model opens up on sexual abuse

By Sandra Maricho

REIGNING Miss Teen Gweru Molly Glorydine Alicia Rahman says her past would not deter her from achieving her goal of becoming an international model.

Speaking to Standard Style, Rahman said her childhood was painful as she had to endure sexual harassment at the hands of a family friend.

“I was sexually harassed by a family and church friend and l did not understand what was happening to me,” she said.

“He used to touch my private parts and l thought it was fine until l heard someone talking about it, that’s when l realised l was being sexually abused.

“I chose to speak out and be an inspiration to other young girls who encountered the same abuse as l did.”

She said she wanted to encourage young girls to be strong and share their experiences in order to come out of the trauma.

“I used to hate school back then because l was also bullied and l hated myself and became suicidal. I used to cut myself and l still have the scars on my body. I suffered from anxiety because of that,” she said.

Rahman said as she grew older, the suicidal thoughts vanished as she became a strong person who was not ashamed of sharing her past experiences with the world.

“I am a sexual harrasment victim and suicide attempt survivor,” she said.

“I know there are some girls out there who encountered the same but are too shy to come out, but l would like to inspire them not to suffer in silence.”

Rahman said she would like to start a support group for girls who have suffered sexual abuse and harassment and map the way forward in fighting such abuses.

She said that she would continue aiming higher in her modelling career and contest on international platforms.

“My vision is to contest internationally and l would like to show the world that Zimbabwe has gorgeous ladies full of talent,” she said.

Rahman is also the founder of Modes Helping Hands, a charity organisation that assists less-privileged members of society, including orphans and street kids.

The young model also won other accolades such as first princess Miss School 2017 and Miss Personality.

“My message to other young girls out there is that they have to be strong and follow their dreams despite the obstacles they encounter,” said Rahman.

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