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AHFoZ donates PPEs to Health ministry

By Style Reporter

The Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ), an umbrella body for medical aid societies in Zimbabwe, on Thursday donated personal protective equipment (PPE) meant to combat Covid-19 to the Health and Child Care ministry.

The items which were handed according to the Health ministry’s priority list included N95 and three ply masks, latex gloves, goggles, alcohol swabs, anti-bacterial soap, all valued at ZWL $1 649 804.

“The bulk of the items are PPE as we would like our health professionals on the frontline to be protected. We know that the task at hand is huge and this donation might appear small in comparison to the task. However, it is a sincere gesture to demonstrate AHFoZ commitment in complementing the government in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and we will continue doing so going forward,” said AHFoZ CEO Shylet Sanyanga.

“In addition to the donation, some AHFoZ member societies are currently involved in different activities taking place on the ground. These include setting up of isolation facilities among other things.

“AHFoZ is aware that containing the Covid-19 pandemic is not an event, but rather it will be a long marathon which requires perseverance by all Zimbabweans.”

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said efforts were underway to have a vaccine or treatment for Covid-19. Furthermore, WHO indicated that the novel virus would not be completely eliminated, but would continue to exist in the same way other viruses have continued to exist, adding that eventually people would have to adjust to living with Covid-19 in the same way they live with other viruses such as the common flu or chicken pox among others.

“This is an indication that we have a long way to go in this battle. However, our low-hanging fruit in order to flatten the curve and stay on top of the game is to strengthen prevention efforts and at the same time ensuring that those who test positive do receive the symptomatic relief as necessary,” Sanyanga said.

“Medical aid societies already have prevention and wellness programmes which they should broaden to include educating their members on prevention of Covid-19.”
Sanyanga thanked the healthcare workers who have been and still are on the frontline in the battle to contain Covid-19.

“As AHFoZ, we remain optimistic that Covid-19 shall be brought under control and that together we can flatten the curve and build a healthy and wealthy nation,” she said.

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