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What is wrong with us Zimbabweans?

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
Many people in Zimbabwe have gone as far as asking if we are a cursed nation.
Some foreigners have asked just what is wrong with Zimbabwe, a country, which has a lot of mineral and human resources. But for  some reason, those resources are not able to buy basic things like hand sanitisers and simple cloth face masks for citizens.

The resources that Zimbabwe can boast of include one of the best agricultural climates and soils in the world, which means nobody should starve.

So clueless is the junta in Zimbabwe that instead of providing basics in the face of the coronavirus global pandemic, the police are having a field day making statements on how many people they have arrested for not wearing face masks.

Surely with a focused and caring leadership, those found without wearing masks should be handed the masks and not arrested.

Police should be announcing how many people they have given free masks and not how many of their compatriots they have arrested.

To achieve what?

Where will the poor struggling  people of Zimbabwe get money to buy facial masks, which are costing US$1 each when they cannot afford to  put food on the table?

The disposable face masks have to be thrown away after four hours! Surely where can Zimbabweans get money to buy such requirements?

Just what is wrong with us? Or maybe just what is wrong with our leadership?

Are we a cursed nation? Is our leadership cursed?

Are these guys basically cruel or just clueless?

Are they aware that Botswana, which basically boasts of diamonds and cattle, is providing food parcels during the lockdown?

Meanwhile, we have more than diamonds and cows as has been stated above.

Well, other than diamonds and cattle, Botswana has good governance and a leadership believed by many to be generally honest and not prone to corruption, fraud, theft and a lot of other unsavoury characteristics.

Such qualities in leaders are generally referred to as being pro people policies.

So what is wrong with our leadership? Are we a cursed nation?

A glaring example of good and bad leadership qualities were exhibited last week when Zimbabwe in its capacity as chairperson of the Sadc organ on politics, defence and security cooperation,  held consultations with Mozambique over the deteriorating security situation as a result of escalating Jihadist attacks in the northern parts of the country.

Days later, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa hosted a conference for eight Sadc leaders in which he was reported to have been consulting on how to handle the coronavirus outbreak in the region and how to prepare for its aftermath.

The difference between the two meetings was that our very own  Dambudzo Mnangagwa flew to Mozambique and we all know he uses a very expensive private jet.

The allowances for Dambudzo’s delegation will probably have been enough to service what is left of the Air Zimbabwe planes.

Meanwhile, Ramaphosa hosted a video conference for the Sadc conference.

 Although his country South Africa is organised enough to have afforded to  fly  to all the different countries in Sadc for personal consultations, common sense prevailed and the meeting was held at very little cost.

We also believe Ramaphosa has advisors, who give him wise advice on avoiding international travel in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, instead of advisors who encourage him to travel for purposes of collecting travel and subsistence allowances regardless of the health implications.

More catch and release or?

The nation was taken out of its boredom this last week when the circus rolled into town.

As usual, the main act was the predictable catch and release, in which a prominent person is arrested for just about anything under the sun.

This can be on suspicion that they at some time in their life spoke to someone, who belonged to the G40 faction.

Or that they are doing their job too efficiently, which is something that is not encouraged in the party as real leaders should spend their precious time doing nothing and doing personal business.

In fact, issues such as corruption are never the reason why any senior people are arrested. No!

If anything, we know that quite a number of people, who face allegations of stealing residential stand buyers’ money, financial investors’ money, allegations of contributing to the death of a person and genocide are well accommodated in a certain party.

So, please spare us the drama, please.

Is that what Madam Loice Matanda meant when she made all those empty threats against senior people? Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnnn!

Meanwhile where is good ol’ Joram Gumbo? Sekuru Madyira.

Last we heard he was minister of State for Policy Implementation and Monitoring in Dambudzo’s Office.

We all wonder just what policy he implements and what he monitors.

Maybe he monitors the number of hand sanitisers and face masks that Dambudzo, Kembo and Jenerari Simpuru receive on a weekly basis.

Naturally, we are all curious to know what happened to the small matter at the CMED and Zimbabwe Airways in which Sekuru Madyira’s name and that of his relative kept cropping up.

Police Gukurahundi in Bulawayo?

It was very revealing to know what the police details deployed in Bulawayo by the ZRP think about the people of Bulawayo or people from Matabeleland.

What happened in Cowdray Park in which two women were subjected to tribal slurs and sexually abused and had their property destroyed by a member of the ZRP will certainly not endear the organisation and the government to many Zimbabweans.

An apology and compensation would be in order.

If that does not happen, then many will conclude it is government policy.

What happens to child president Nero?

We once warned our child president, Cobra Nero, that in any struggle, those with grey hair are very strategic and should not be hounded out as he was busy trying to do, including humiliating them in public.

Now he could do with a bit of real and wise advice.

Sadly for the child president, he took real infiltrators and awarded them top jobs while kicking out those who have been in the trenches with him from the formation of his party, whatever name they use now.

Anyway, pass the popcorn.

Gushungo Chete Chete!

Ntombizodwa woyeee!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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