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Give local hip-hop fair chance: DJ Mic Sprinter

By Style Reporter

Rapper Lenon Gwara, aka DJ Mic Sprinter (pictured above), has announced his return to the hip-hop music scene with the release of visuals to the single titled God after taking a break to pursue a radio career on Heart and Soul.

The song details his tough upbringing where he had to fend for his young siblings following the passing on of his father and is a precursor to a six-track Kyle is King EP — a tribute to his son — scheduled for launch in October.

“The title God was inspired by the struggles I have gone through as a person growing up, the loss of my father, the need to make my mother proud and being a father figure to my siblings in an economy which is very tough and exhausting,” he told Standard Style in an interview.

“So, realising that only God can save me and help me get to where I want, I decided to honour that with the title.”

Turning to his radio gig, Mic Sprinter said the platform had given him a chance to uplift fellow artistes yearning for recognition.

“I started as a rapper and getting the opportunity to be a DJ helped me realise why Zim hip-hop was not breaking the ice on the international scene, I now have some sort of insight into the game,” he said.

“I want to create a platform for Zim hip-hop artistes and musicians to travel and make enough money to sustain lives through music.”

Now signed under Letter Z Studios, the Unsigned Hype radio show host said local hip-hop acts have what it takes to dominate the local and international music scene if given wider space to fully showcase their talent.

“What is lacking is a sense of belonging from our very own radio DJs not offering a platform to unsigned artistes and promoters shortchanging them as well as lack of local representation at local events that have international artistes,” he said.

“DJs are supposed to push the culture forward and most of the radio DJs have not been creating a platform for Zimbabwean music, so I thought I would exercise what I preach for others to follow through.”

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