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Injury ruins Nkiwane’s live shows


South Africa-based award-winning gospel artiste Knowledge Nkiwane says an injury he sustained on his leg has forced him to cancel a lot of gigs.

Nkiwane fractured his leg while trying to catch a bus heading to South Africa where he was billed to perform.

“I broke my leg in December last year when I was coming from a performance in Gwanda and I was cast in plaster,” Nkiwane said.

“I was supposed to go to South Africa and do another performance there, but unfortunately I missed it.

“What happened is, I was hiking at Max Garage in Bulawayo when I saw a bus coming. The time I tried to run and board it, a man pushing his cart came ahead of me and when I tried to avoid him, I landed awkwardly on a stone.”

Nkiwane did not take it seriously as he thought it was something minor and continued his journey to South Africa.

“So, I thought I was going to heal along the way, but when I got to Beitbridge, I realised things were getting bad. My leg began to hurt so much, I then cancelled a lot of gigs which I was supposed to do during and after the festive season. So, from December till now I have been indoors at my home in South Africa,” he said.

Nkiwane said he lost out so much during the festive season as most artistes generated more income through gigs.

“I was greatly affected because I did not make any paying gigs as we artistes, survive through performances,” he said.

“Also when one is invited to do an event, they expect to see Nkiwane dancing on stage and without Nkiwane dancing, people will not ‘feel’ his presence.”

He recently got the plaster cast removed, but is still in pain.

“I am still in pain, maybe it’s because of the cold weather. The other challenge is that we are not getting help in hospitals as the main focus is on Covid-19,” Nkiwane said.

“I have been in and out of hospital, but not getting any help. So, I just realised that if something happens to you, but you remain alive, you have to thank God that at least instead of going down you are alive.

“From that time, I was not making money, but the clients I have been working with, some in the diaspora, would ask if I had paid rent, or anything. They were helping me out.”

However, Nkiwane said he is working on his YouTube channel to connect with followers of his music and it would be ready this month-end.

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