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Zimbabwe under China?

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
There is no doubt that Zimbabwe has effectively become a bona fide Chinese colony.

Boss Kedha  or Comrade  Dhibhiritating would obviously not agree  that Zimbabwe is a Chinese corony.

Let me refresh your memory. In the last few days, a Chinese businessman (obviously linked to the ruling elites in Zanu) shot and injured two Zimbabwean workers over a wage dispute.

After shooting at the black Zimbabwean Africans which could only have been motivated by racism, the Asian businessman is believed to have offered to buy his victims off.

It is difficult not to conclude that the Chinese businessman committed the atrocities after being assured by some ruling elites and his friends in the business community that they could treat Zimbabweans in a manner that they wanted, including as very low-class individuals.

So far the only reaction from the government has been something that appears to sound like a fawning apology to our all-weather colonisers.

If this is not selling out, then we wonder what selling out is.

The only brave Zimbabwean on that issue is that rehabilitated former Zanu thug who has vowed to lead some form of march against the Chinese businessman.

Over the years we have been fed hogwash to the effect that the Chinese are our all-weather friends with relations dating back to the days of the liberation struggle.

What nonsense! Bull droppings! Chinese businessmen have become notorious for poor labour practices that include beating up their black African indigenous workers.

Looks like the guns that they gave to Zanu during the war were in exchange for pillaging an independent Zimbabwe.

What effective developmental support do we ever get from the Chinese business community?

Where are they getting the sand to manufacture tiles in Norton which has clay soils?

Maybe we dismissed Temba Mliswa’s ranting rather too early on what is happening in Norton.

Black people in the USA have refused to let their compatriots be treated like sewage and have formed the Black Lives Matter Movement to defend their fellow countrymen and women from a predatory state, especially the policing departments.

Following the death of Floyd George in the USA, black people mobilised themselves in that country and internationally and the impact has been felt.

In Zimbabwe, it looks like the Chinese ambassador is barking orders to Zimbabwean authorities on how to handle the issue of the Chinese racist and attempted murderer.

After throwing  a few trinkets at our struggling and clueless leadership to help fight the Covid-19, we are sure all has been forgotten and that the Chinese national will now become a VVIP suspect.

If workers decide to demonstrate against him, we are sure they will be shot at using Chinese-manufactured guns.

When China takes your vice-president and treats him in their country and then bring him back, it can be very difficult to behave like an independent state.

Many Africans have reportedly been tortured in China and African governments have not been particularly helpful.

Everybody knows that Covid-19 originated in China.

So, many people were curious to see a statement by the usually level-headed SB Moyo, the Foreign Affairs minister, in April  alleging some racial slander on the origins of Covid-19 by Zimbabweans.

“The ministry has received reports, and in some cases photographic evidence, of Zimbabwe-based companies propagating offensive, racially-discriminatory publicity relating to the supposed origins of the Covid-19 virus.

“Discrimination in any way, shape or form is abhorrent to the Government of Zimbabwe. Whatever its origins, Covid-19 is a global threat, affecting each and every inhabitant of planet earth, with zero regard for ethnicity, social status, wealth or any other of the various strata, which have been contrived, over centuries, to set us apart from each other,” Moyo told State media at a time black Africans were being subjected to ill-treatment in China.

Of course, our Cde Moyo and the government which he represents were singing for their Chinese supper.

Little wonder everybody is rolling over to have their bellies tickled by the Chinese.

Has anybody, including ED, said anything about the need for the three MDCA female youth activists to have justice before the courts?

Mobile money madness!

With the MDCA mobilising its members and payments being done largely through mobile money platforms, the government has seen it fit to ban the use of EcoCash, OneMoney and Telecash.

Don’t believe all those lies about bringing sanity to the financial markets.

It’s all about fighting the MDCA which has become resurgent after the opposition victory in Malawi.

Our clueless leadership is prepared to burn the house simply because there is a rat inside.

We all know that children of a very, very, very important person are the kingpins of foreign currency trading, so no mystery there.

A woman minister also has children involved in foreign currency trading.

So please spare us the drama. We are sure the MDCA mobilisation exercise will continue after the madness.

Somebody please tell those clowns that without any trading, you can’t be open for business.

What achievements by ED?

We were intrigued to see a story in the Chronicle that ED’s home boys were going to launch a hashtag, #edfirst or something silly like that.

We were told the launch would be a celebration of his achievements!

We are still wondering what those achievements are. The newspaper could not venture as far as giving us highlights of what those major successes have been.
Maybe it’s because there aren’t any!

Chamisa finished
The other major clown in Zimbabwean politics, Nelson Chamisa, appears to be losing his bearings in a major way.

Talk to any senior official in his faction and they will tell you that the little man is a big tyrant in the making.

Some even go as far as to say he is another Gushungo in the making. Long back when Thoko was the leader of the opposition in Parliament, the ambitious fellow would fight her for the seat in Parliament.

The little fella started usurping power illegally many moons ago.

Little advice for the little man: Vaulting ambition as in Macbeth can end in grief.

It will help to listen to those who are older than you.

Chatunga woyeee!
Ntombizodwa woyeee!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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