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Trump is an atheist and a blasphemer

By Jonathan Maphenduka

DONALD Trump is a liar when he claims that his unbridled dictatorship owes its currency through God’s appointment. Trump declared recently that he is the most powerful president of the United States by God’s appointment.

Trump was elected by the league of the apostate who (in the end time) will declare war against “the prince of the kings of the earth” (see Revelations 1 v 4-8). The 10 horns of Rev. 17:12-14 represent Kingdoms or rulers that will arise and declare war against the Lamb, the son of God. These kings will agree with the woman (church) who rides on the beast with seven heads and 10 horns. In Bible prophecy, the woman represents the Papacy and the 10 horns represent rulers to come. The world already knows the identity of the 10 rulers which will emerge, but will be dominated by a triumvirate of military power, financial power and religious power under the New World Order.

This triumvirate will unleash disorder on an unprecedented scale. Since we accept that God is God of order, the world would be ill-advised (even foolish) if it ignored the evidence of impending disorder to reconcile itself to God. God calls on His created beings to come out of apostate “Babylon” represented by disobedient humanity. He calls on each one of us to reconcile ourselves to the loving Creator.

Trump has asserted that the 75-year-old white man who suffered concussion after being rudely pushed by a policeman, causing him to hit the ground on the back on his head, was a set-up. Trump’s bloodthirsty cynicism is unique in the history of mankind.

I’m going to disappoint my secular readers this week by turning to the Bible to explain Trump’s non-conformist disposition in the context of world affairs today and how history can be explained as we approach the New World Order which (Bible prophecy asserts) could begin in 2030
Both the rulers in the New World Order promise to be a New World Disorder. This calamitous event will ride roughshod on ideals of democracy. The God of order will not allow disorder to prevail.

Apostle John was on the Island of Patmos when he was given a vision of the history of the world from AD 31 to the end time. He was told to warn the world by writing letters to the seven churches in Asia Minor. Bible prophecy tells us that each church represents a period in the history of the world and what will happen in each period.

The history of the world tells us what happened during the Dark Ages testifying for Jesus Christ in Matthew 24. The book of Revelation gives a chilling convergence with what shall happen when the New World Order becomes an institution in the affairs of the world and the timeline for this is 2030 when the New World Order is expected to begin. After that, God will take control to bring order to the universe.

Without saying 2030 will mark the end of the world as we know it, all I’m saying is that the church of Laodicea to which John wrote his last letter of warning marks “the judging of the people” otherwise known as the end time.

Anyone who accepts that there will be a judgement of the people of the universe at the end of time, the apparent coincidence of the “judgement of the people” with the possible/apparent beginning of the New World Order in 2030 is (if you like) chilling indeed and can only be ignored by those who do not believe in the existence of the God of order.

In the world of secularism there are many of those who are saying Trump will lose the race for the White House to the Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden next November. This conclusion is derived from the widespread condemnation of Trump following the murder of George Floyd by a white policeman. I don’t share in this conclusion because God allowed Lucifer to murder His sinless son Jesus Christ because God is just.

The worldwide condemnation of the murder and Trump’s display of cynicism in the face of worldwide condemnation of the racially profiled murder will dissipate like a three-day wonder. Because white voters in the United States want Trump, he will continue to remain defiant, tearing up every international agreement signed by his predecessors. This will continue to boost the racist ego of most white voters in the United States.

When Lucifer sinned and set in motion a great controversy, God allowed him to live and deceive you and me so that sinful humanity can prove how much we love God. If God had dispensed with the devil for challenging Him, humanity would have lost our only opportunity to show our love for the Almighty. God allowed all of us the freedom of choice. He will allow Trump to win next November because Bible prophecy must prevail over our political preferences.

Trump, however, is wrong against the claims that his unbridled power came from God. God did not blot the deceiver because God’s plan of salvation was not based on coercion, but on preferences. Those who prefer God against the deceiver will be saved. So the devil was allowed freedom to deceive us to give us freedom of choice.

His preservation became an acid test for us to show our love for God. His preservation was the only element for us to demonstrate our liberty to choose between God and the deceiver. This also became the only instrument to prove the sanctity of Bible prophecy.

God is omnipotent. Trump is being allowed to blaspheme while he holds the devil’s power. Sooner rather than later, Trump will be whimpering for mercy before God Almighty.

In the progression towards the New World Order or end time, God will allow full throttle to wrongdoing. He will not interfere to please Biden or you and me who are dead set against Trump. The US has under successive presidents committed crimes against humanity in many parts of the world. Why should God step in and make Trump lose to please the secular who do not read the Bible to find out when the end time can be expected?

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