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Malaba serving command justice

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
What is happening to our judges? Could it be those ludicrous wigs and robes, which they wear?

Specifically what is happening with Chief Justice Luke Malaba and his orders, which keep getting reversed?

First was the issue of somebody getting their knickers in a knot over lawyers wearing tight-fitting clothes or something silly like that.

Clearly the targets were female lawyers and the question is: Which of our dignified elderly gentlemen were sweating because female lawyers were wearing tight-fitting clothes?

In any case, what are tight-fitting clothes and who is the best judge?

Others legitimately argued at the time that if the judges wanted anybody to change their dress code, then it was the judges who need to throw their wigs and robes into the nearest bin.

Realising the legal minefield that they were about to walk into, the foolish order was withdrawn.

But the question still remains: What kind of judiciary invests so much time debating if bum-hugging outfits can or cannot be worn in court by female lawyers?

It is a bit like the decision to have Zimbabwe’s cabinet having an emergency session to debate if Zodwa Wabantu’s scheduled show can go ahead or not.

This country is not short of clowns surely. Of course, Zodwa Wabantu’s show was cancelled, but a lot of those gentlemen in our cabinet might have been disappointed by that outcome.

Word has it that they were drooling at the prospect of watching Zodwa Wabantu.

Anyway back to the judges and their fascination with tight bum-hugging outfits by female lawyers.

Reason must have prevailed as the decree was withdrawn.

But not without a fight from some quarters.

We are reliably informed that the issue “is still under consideration”.

Let us all hope that the issue dies a natural death.

It is inconceivable that we can be legislating and issuing decrees about the type of dressing that young professionals can wear in our courts.

That is a human rights issue and some female lawyers may quite legitimately resist and challenge the order.

Still, anything is possible in Zimbabwe. Next could be some order decreeing that  our courts will not entertain lawyers or witnesses wearing thongs, “parachute panties” and boxers.

Next was another jaw-dropping announcement by Malaba to the effect that judgements or orders by judges should first be approved or seen by senior judges before being handed down.

Naturally, such a move was interpreted by many as an attempt to muzzle, capture, control or crack down on the independence of the judiciary.

It was the kind of thing that should not have happened and the developments spread like wildfire and only served to make many people mock Zimbabweans for what was happening.

Luckily for Zimbabweans and thanks to the power of social media, the move was stopped dead in its steps.

As the young people say: Who does that?

The move may have been stalled because it was exposed and condemned in the media.

Question is who wanted to have judgements “vetoed” by senior members of the judiciary before they could be handed down and to achieve what?

Is that the end of the issue or there is still an appetite to have senior judges “have a look” at the judgements and orders before they are handed down?

The other question is: Where did such an idea emanate from and to achieve what?

What are non-working people?

We were naturally surprised to hear ED Ngwena announcing that non-working people should stay at home during his curfew announcement.

We all know that the reason he came up with a curfew is that he and his clowns are quaking in their boots over some leaderless planned stay at home, or march or whatever.

But what we found odd is that they say there are people called “non-working”.

The nerve!

Some people were in agreement that given the poor state of the country, it is safe to say ED and his clowns around him are “non-working”.

So maybe for the next month we should have some peace and quiet as there will be no noisy motorcade guzzling precious fuel as non-worker ED will join other non-workers by staying at home.

Where is Chamisa?

It is quite revealing that although a march or some form of protest is being planned, nobody seems to be mentioning Cobra or Nero.

Hopefully the mature people in the MDC like their veterans in the form of Paul Themba Nyathi, Lucia Matibenga and others can advise the young fella that he needs to mature and embrace his fellow comrades and not fight them.

Many are whispering that he is behaving like a very young Gushungo and we all know that such people can be very dangerous.

Finally, has anybody heard from Mdhara Dhibhiritating of late?

Ntombizodwa Woyee!
Amai  Woyeeee!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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