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Can we be serious as a country, for once?

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
It was very interesting to see Zanu PF bishops responding to the pastoral letter from the Catholic Bishops Conference.

What was interesting was that most of them, if not all, were involved in the grand theft and looting of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), farm mechanisation facility.

After the damning letter from the Catholic Bishops, the Zanu PF bishops must have been summoned by the commissariat department of the ruling party to defend their 30 pieces of silver.

“As members of the Church, we want to say we don’t participate in political activities,” said one Zanu PF party bishop activist, blissfully unaware that they were participating in political party activism as captured puppets and stooges.

Shame on them.

Still on matters involving the ruling mob or mafia and the Church, we were completely stunned that the Church and a certain violent political party in southern Africa have inseparable bonds since the delays of the liberation struggle.

During the war, everybody was taught to be non-believers.

Some missionaries were murdered while that party has maintained a consistent history of murder and assassinations mainly majoring in hit-and-run escapades and poisoning.

Bravo Monica!
The documentary on Dead BC on the life of Monica and Christopher Mutsvangwa last week was an eye-opener.

Like most Dead BC programmes, it was poorly packaged and only provided a senior member of staff an opportunity to bootlick his principal.

Bring back Tazzen Mandizvidza!

Of course, the tired documentary was brought out after Monica emerged as the government’s face in issuing an ethnic diatribe against a bishop in the Catholic Church of Ndebele origin.

Our biggest takeaway was the continued praise of the late Bishop Abel Muzorewa by Monica Mutsvangwa, who said he had motivated them as young people to go out and receive military training and fight for their country!

That can’t be true? That can’t be right?

We have always been told that Muzorewa was a sell-out and a puppet and a stooge.

So it is true that history was being revised in order to achieve a certain mental state or propaganda?

More like the helicopter that Joice Mujuru was reported to have brought down using a catapult or something.

It is good that people are now giving some correct versions of what transpired during the war for independence
Unless Monica jumped the gun and said something that she had not been authorised to do.

Or is it because serious people from Muzorewa’s party are now mobilising to revive his party, the UANC?

Certainly as a girl child, Monica has risen through the party and government ranks and deserves our congratulations.

Our electricity problems
It is really a sad development that a country like Zimbabwe with no manufacturing sector continues to suffer from electricity shortages.

Why is it that we continue to rely on our coal-powered stations to generate electricity?
The coal-powered stations are always breaking down, making one wonder just what those claiming to be refurbishing them are doing.
If we could become a serious nation for once, then we would award tenders for solar-powered stations to serious businesspersons, not party activists who end up buying shoes and cars.
But again, we have never known any better.

Kembo at it again
The last time Kembo Mohadi made headlines was in June when he blamed Zimbabwe’s colonisers for the economic mess the country finds itself in.

Kembo told bemused supporters of the ruining party at a function in Gwanda that, “we got our independence but the white man never gave us knowledge on how to run the economy.

“That was it, nothing more.”

Many thought that Kembo, who always sounds apologetic for rising to be a junior vice-president behind the Generari, had outdone himself with that daft excuse for the so-called new dispensation’s spectacular failure.

That was not to be. He was at it again on Friday when he told a gathering somewhere in Chirumanzu that those demanding justice for Gukurahundi victims were seeking to divide the nation.

Our own version of Pravda quoted Kembo saying: “There are those who say there is Gukurahundi and all that.

“Who hasn’t wronged the other?

“I am here and I can’t even speak proper Shona or proper Ndebele, but I am here (as the country’s VP).”

Some of us who remember Kembo as that brave Zapu cadre, who defied Lacoste and Perrance Shiri’s murderous militia that caused untold suffering in Matabeleland and the Midlands to stand as MP for Joshua Nkomo’s badly battered party at the time, were left wondering what has happened to Duggish.

Is it the case of him respecting the tradition of kleptocratic regimes that you can’t talk while eating?

Kembo couldn’t even say a word about Monica Mutsvangwa’s scandalous labelling of Ndebele people as a “righteous minority”.
As usual, he found the victims to be softer targets.

Ntombizodwa Woyeee!
Giresi Woyeee!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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