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Concepts of the economy are far-reaching relevant in 2020.

While people were sitting on their couches cluelessly during economic lockdowns, many were wondering what went wrong all this time. It was all going perfectly with businesses doing their routine work and all assurances were given to the employees that job security is here to stay. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out well when the odds were against us as capitalism doesn’t support any empathy.

Probably what went wrong is that the economic concepts aren’t taught to the masses. Entrepreneurship isn’t taught to the masses in schools and universities as it has already been massively highlighted by Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Financial teaching has been missing from our lives and this has hurt quite badly all this time. Reliance on a single stream of income and doing nothing about building assets had far-reaching economic implications. The concepts of the economy, financial teaching about the stocks, digital economy, online trading, and the list goes on are to be learned by the masses still.

The question that stands currently is what can be done to communicate economics to the masses. While the booming young population needs to be guided in the right direction, it stays important that they don’t miss out on the important lessons learned by the global community in recent times.

Make financial education mandatory

We do have many compulsory subjects taught at various levels of education. Financial education needs to fit in there at all costs. Instead of raising them with the job mindset, a mix and match can be done to empower people around the world. Concepts of savings and investment can lead to an overall boost to the economy of a country if people are looking to invest rather than save or spend ridiculously.

Adapting towards modern economy tools

Investment markets and our regular business markets should be making a makeshift towards the adaptation of modern economic management tools. Online trading comprising of cryptocurrency and forex are on the rise and they might be a strong force in the near future as exclusive software continues to evolve and help people build digital assets.

Promoting training and awareness programs

While we may be knowing about the existence of some concepts, they can’t be implemented if there exists no strategy and training on how to do it. People should be attending any training workshops where they can learn how to practically build upon multiple streams of income. Any financial domain they want to go into, there is a dire need that they are equipped with right strategies and tools.

This financial awareness was long due as many experts have been emphasizing this for quite a time. People weren’t heeding to their suggestions and the ones who took action already, they were able to minimize the overall impact of economic recession. It is important to build upon multiple income domains, but it is only possible with the right strategy and desire to learn something new.


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