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Gushungo is turning in his grave

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

Dear My People
Exactly a year ago, on this day, the great Gushungo breathed his last in far-away Singapore.

Gushungo died an angry man because people that he had trusted for four decades and taken them as his own children betrayed him when he needed them the most.

He was so bitter he even refused to be buried at the Heroes Acre — that lonely hill in Harare — which he picked as his final resting place when he still ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist.

I had to fight tooth and nail so that his tormentors, who chased him like a dog from State House, were nowhere near his funeral or grave.

Thanks to my heroic efforts, Gushungo is resting in eternal peace with his people in Zvimba.

In light of the events of the past year where the Lacoste government has been showing its true colours with abductions, torture and even killing of opponents, it is high time that I take back my statements that Gushungo will rule from the grave.

I thought I knew the people that surrounded that great icon.

I am now certain that even though Gushungo, especially in his last days, knew that he spent most of his life surrounded by treacherous people, he didn’t imagine that he was grooming such unprincipled characters.

Even the millions of Zimbabweans that took to the streets to celebrate that infamous coup in 2017 now feel deceived by the Lacoste gang, who told them Gushungo was the cause of all their problems.

When SB Moyo announced on Dead BC that the situation in the country had reached another level, bread still cost a dollar, same as bus fare in urban areas.

Two years of Lacoste rule has seen inflation skyrocketing to over 700% and eight million people are facing starvation.

It is no wonder that most of the people you speak to on the streets today will tell you that ED is not the “messiah” they expected him to be.
At least we now understand what they meant when they said they were restoring Gushungo’s legacy by staging that coup.

They wanted to make sure that they gave Zimbabweans a leader, who would surpass Gushungo’s record of failure and dictatorship in the shortest possible time.

Gushungo now looks like an angel compared to ED. In five years, he would have succeeded in ensuring that we all run to South Africa for menial jobs to survive.

A word that gives ED nightmares
At this rate Zimbabweans could soon be banned from using the word “crisis”.

At a routine meeting over a cup of tea with his Polad friends, ED on Friday said he did not like people that used the word crisis to describe the situation in the country.

The Lacoste godfather said after his goons roughed up tens of people that tried to protest against corruption on July 31, people were now screaming that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe.

He said all he had been doing was to enforce regulations to control the spread of Covid-19.

“In the wake of the arrest of some elements whose actions sought to not only incite the public to gather against the set rules, but also bordering on subversive allegations of a crisis that have been made mainly on social media,” ED said in front of grinning leaders of briefcase parties he had gathered at State House.

He then went on to clarify that he feared that those speaking of a crisis harboured intentions of cutting his stay in power short.

“I wish to unequivocally state that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe as elections were held in July 2018 and a winner was declared in terms of the country’s constitution,” he thundered.

“All contestants were invited to join this dialogue in the national interest,” he said innocently.

That statement was the most emphatic confirmation that this coup class has no clue what it is doing.

They have no idea that Zimbabweans, like most people in civilised societies, should enjoy freedom of expression.

It is not the duty of the government to prescribe, which words they can or cannot use in describing their lived experiences.

If the people believe that going for three months without nurses at public hospitals constitutes a crisis, by all means they should be allowed to express themselves the way they see fit.

If Zimbabweans believe that when citizens get abducted and tortured for expressing their opinions on social media constitutes a crisis, the government has no business muzzling them.

The behaviour of the Lacoste gang shows leaders that are afraid of their own people. This is typical of regimes, which feel cornered and they tend to be very dangerous.

The Polad choir

The pliant state media always takes full advantage of these Polad tea-drinking sessions to seek the opinions of pseudo-opposition leaders on what they believe are topical issues in the country and need reinforcing by the “opposition”.

Lucia Matibenga, that once fiery opposition legislator and women’s rights activist, who is now a pale shadow of her former self, was at hand to return the favours for the tea and scones served at State House.

The Horrid says Matibenga “shot down suggestions that there was a crisis in Zimbabwe, saying most of the so-called crises were only happening on social media platforms, contrary to what was happening on the ground”.

What a tragedy!

What I can only say to my sister is that 2023 is around the corner and Zimbabweans will certainly show the Polad clowns the exit door.

It would be the same voters that put Abel Muzorewa in his place in 1980 and the born-frees, who are watching in horror while their dreams go up in smoke while a few greedy politicians eat on their behalf, who will punish the pretenders.

A bitter lesson for Khupe
On the eve of the Polad charade, Khupe got a rude awakening.

After recalling Harare mayor Herbert Gomba so that she could replace him with one of the councillors loyal to her camp, Khupe was already smelling blood.

She quickly organised a mayoral election after getting advice that she was easily winning Harare.

On the day of the elections, however, Khupe got the shock of her life when Jacob Mafume of the MDC Alliance emerged the winner.

If that election did not teach her a valuable lesson that the politics she is pursuing will only lead to a premature end for her political career, then she will never get it.

Ntombizodwa Woyee!

Munhuwese kuna Amai!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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