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Jeys Marabini, Sandy join forces


AFRO-POP ace Jeys Marabini has for the first time engaged in a collaboration with a female artiste, Sandra “Sandy” Ndebele-Sibindi, for a top-drawer production.

The two Bulawayo artistes collaborated on a single titled Nguwe, which is on Sandy’s album Up The Ladder that was launched virtually on September 5.

“It’s my first time to collaborate with a female musician and my first time to collaborate with Sandy,” Marabini told Standard Style.

“Sandy is a good musician, a go-getter, hardworking, so I felt it wise to feature in her music.”

Marabini said he agreed to feature on Sandy’s track because he feels she has a vision and direction.

“I agreed to feature because she has a vision and our track will be marketed well. As it is we have done a video of the track, a virtual show which is good.

Imagine just to feature where there is no video, strategy and how the song will reach to the people, doesn’t work for me,” he said.

“So I agreed because Sandy has a clear vision and not just to feature for the sake of featuring.”

Marabini said if someone wants one to feature on their track, it shows that there is something they admire which they need to marinate in their music.

“This means they want to add something like flavour, style which they like in you so they can add it to their fan base. So, Sandy has fans, I have fans and my music and hers are different,” he said.

“So, her fans will get a chance to listen to my style, similarly my fans will get to listen to her style and this is a two-way thing.”

Marabini said one should feature on a track for a purpose and artistes should pay for the service so that they get a fully baked project.

“If you want someone to feature in your music, you should pay for the service. It’s not just featuring. Don’t just say feature… Feature, then what?” he asked.

“Sandy paid me to feature on the track, I couldn’t do it for free. This will also show commitment, love and where there is money , one puts his or her heart in the project. We have done this and that in the project because Sandy has put money and things are going well.”

Marabini said artistes should work together and should not take advantage of each other or fear each other as he feels they are here to entertain the nation.

“We need to work together, but don’t just work with someone who is not serious and not committed. What is needed is money because I am a musician, I live solely on music. So for someone to pay for that token, it shows commitment, respect for the work that you are doing or have done,” he said.

“Again I cannot collaborate with someone who sings vulgar lyrics, something without respect, that’s not me.”

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