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Local borehole drilling services firm eyes region


A local company offering borehole drilling services,
PolokwaneZim, says it is pursuing a strategy to spread its footprints in the southern African region despite the liquidity challenges besetting the economy.

Zimbabwe’s economy is experiencing a myriad of challenges that include runaway inflation, currency volality and dwindling consumer buying power which is affecting business operations.

“While the economy has been suffering the headwinds, locally, so most of our clients have been corporates, so we intend to expand to neighbouring countries like Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique,” said PolokwaneZim MD Charles Mukucha.

“Notwithstanding the economic headwinds, our business is determined to drill boreholes from domestic to industrial use for the growth of agriculture and the mining sector.”

After penetrating the South African Market few years ago Mukucha said they would seek partnerships with other borehole drilling entities in the region as part of their expansion strategy.

Clients of the company — which offers initial steps of site surveying, borehole rehabilitation, pump supply and installation — include non-governmental organisations, private companies, the diaspora and local individuals.

Tawanda Marozva, the company’s operations manager, said in a cut-throat industry with intense competition, the secret was to exhibit high levels of professionalism and complete projects within scheduled timeframes.

“We believe for you to be successful in our line of business for many years, there is need to exhibit high levels of professionalism and an eye for detail in relation to our clients’ demands and conclude projects within scheduled times,” Marozva said.

Borehole drilling services are in high demand in Zimbabwe due to water shortages in most urban centres.

PolokwaneZim, which has been in existence for several years, has a presence in over five towns in Zimbabwe.

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