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ManLuckerz urges artistes to capitalise on lockdown

By Style Reporter

Sweden-based award-winning Zimbabwean artiste Luckson Chikutu, affectionately known as ManLuckerz (pictured above), has urged local artistes to capitalise on the lockdown through composing more songs as well as marketing their works internationally.

The multi-talented artiste said musicians should now focus more on marketing and spreading their music via digital platforms and earn a living during this Covid-19 era.

“It’s time for Zimbabwean artistes to compose more advanced music in this coronavirus environment. We help each other to spread the music internationally and attract new lucrative markets,” ManLuckerz said.

“This is the chance for Zimbabwean artistes to join hands and break international barriers. This can be achieved through sharing our works and livestreaming perfomances. Moreover, this is the time for us to compose much better lyrics with no stress and in a calm environment.”

Chikutu has been holding live shows in Sweden via digital and social media platforms, a feat that has seen him winning more followers in Europe.

The musician, who has gained the tag Cultural Ambassador, had to purchase livestreaming equipment and charging viewers for his perfomances.

Meanwhile, ManLuckerz is preparing for his fourth live performance during this Covid-19 era to be staged at Regina Tearten in Uppsala, Sweden, next Saturday.

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