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Songstress Mapepeta breaks new ground

By Style Correspondent

Versatile gospel diva Hannah Chikosi Mapepeta (pictured), who stormed into the music scene as a student at Mutare Girls’ High School more than a decade ago, has broken new ground in French-speaking countries.

Her vocal prowess and ability to blend French, English and Shona has secured the Wandigonera hitmaker a new market.

Rarely do Zimbabwean musicians attempt to sing in other languages, but Mapepeta is set to conquer new territories.

“My music has been accepted quite well in France, Canada , Cameroon , Belgium and most of all in Congo,” Mapepeta told Standard Style.

Her single Muporofita Moses, a blend of French lyrics and Shona, has been featured on French radio stations across Africa.

Mapepeta, a vocalist of note, owes her new-found success in the French market to her vocal coach from Congo.

She has also featured on a DVD in DR Congo.

“l have also featured in a DVD Recording done by the King of Gospel in Congo. Recently l featured in a song sung by Congolese vocal coach John Fishier. l am currently working on a collaboration with United States-based Congolese artiste Francis Nsela,” she said.

“My music plays on television channels in the DRC and some online radio stations in France.”

Mapepeta, arguably one of the most consistent artistes, has remained relevant during the lockdown through hosting online shows.

In her collaboration with her producer Nigel Nyangombe and gosple musso Minister Michael Mahendere, Mapepeta has been churning out uplifting music during the protracted lockdown period to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“My husband and l felt honoured to receive this hand of fellowship from Minister Mahendere, his wife and music producer on my latest live session. Minister Mahendere extended to us a green leaf of fellowship to the end that our music would reach to more people. This is great mentorship and to me, it was a great example of ministry,” she said.

“Lockdown was one of the best times of my musical career. God is not limited to any space or distance and He worked in wondrous ways.”

Mapepeta has also been involved in a continental vocal class.

She owes the invitation to her ability to sing in French.

“Recently, l got invited to a huge online International Vocal Coaching Forum. There were only two ladies out a total of about six men,” Mapepeta said.

She believes her music will only make a meaningful impact when it leads to repentance and people turning to God.

“l want to be remembered for being a vessel that God used for His glory. l want to be remembered for having ministered to the spiritual needs of the Body of Christ. God has no mouth, but mine. I want to have the voice that is yielded whenever God has a message to deliver to His people,” Mapepeta added.

Mapepeta is currently working on the studio version of the song Nhaka Yangu which speaks of the inheritance in Christ.

She will also feature at an international arts forum as a guest musician.

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