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What happened to our UAE visitor?

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
You have to give it to Auxillia Mnangagwa.

She is actually a more effective commissar for Zanu PF than our never-smiling Comrade Matemadanda.

While the MDC in its multiple forms engages in continuous squabbles, backstabbing and backbiting, Auxillia is actually consolidating Zanu PF’s membership and probably recruiting new members.

Of course, she is still a bit rough around the edges and needs refining in some areas, but like Comrade Chinoz, she is getting the job done.

Many will argue that she and her husband Dambudzo are dominating our only television news to the point that those who were still watching local news have fled from the station in droves.

But Zanu PF reasoning would be that those who are not happy with the continued appearance of Dambudzo and his wife on Dead BC are urban-based opposition MDC supporters, anyway.

Their real supporters will continue watching Dead BC and will be happy seeing their president and his wife on television.

In the same vein, Zanu PF will reason that those rural women with whom Auxillia spends most of her time are actually happy to spend time with her.

When you add some goodies in the equation, then Zanu PF certainly has a vote winner.

Of course, we are aware that she uses state resources to further her husband’s political interests.

But again, Zanu PF does not separate itself from the state.

Either way they don’t care.

The most recent road show by Auxillia was a get-together with musicians and other artistes.

It was good seeing that someone remembered our artistes who have been hard hit by the impact of Covid-19 which has seen the near death of live shows.

We do hope that the groceries and few trinkets were worth the time for the musicians.

We hope musicians such as Chase Skuza did not come all the way from Plumtree to receive two kilograms of sugar, flour, salt and cooking oil.

Meanwhile, in Bulawayo, Angeline Masuku was also throwing her weight around, visiting the family of the late Beater Mangethe and donating grocerie

Looks like someone forgot to invite other arts players such as Winky D and Tsitsi Dangarembga.

Of interest was the fact that Auxillia kept calling herself the mother of all those artistes.

How absurd. How ridiculous.

How can she move around calling herself the mother of artistes such as Jonah Moyo, Aaron Chiundura Moyo or Hosiah Chipanga?

It would have made sense if she had called herself the daughter or even granddaughter to some of those artistes.

Certainly not a mother of the nation. It’s like Dambudzo calling himself Father Zimbabwe which is not possible and will not fly.

Proud of my country and not its leaders
There was this absolutely hilarious news article on Dead BC  in which Oppah Muchinguri called on Zimbabweans to be proud of or respect their leaders and their country.

There is no doubt that every Zimbabwean loves their country but are disgraced by the leadership that they have.

We wonder which leaders Oppah wants Zimbabweans to be proud of.

The ones that looted farm mechanisation equipment through dubious schemes?

Or does she want us to be proud of a leadership that stole
US$60 million which was meant to fight Covid-19 and save Zimbabwean lives?

A leadership that has failed to provide adequate electricity to Zimbabweans?

A leadership that has run down the country to an extent that health, water, education and other service delivery facilities have collapsed?

A leadership that receives medical treatment in other countries and sends their children to foreign universities because they have destroyed just about everything in the country?

Fighting Covid-19 Dambudzo style
It was very moving to see our very own president, Dambudzo Ngwena, attending the UN virtual summit. Am sure he and other officials are ruing the missed opportunity to fly in that luxury United Arab Emirates (UAE)-owned luxury jet and do some shopping in New York.

There will be no eating of mazondo on the luxury plane or any of those hefty allowances.

But you never know with kleptocracy.

Maybe those who set up the virtual meeting were given allowances as if they had actually travelled to New York for the meeting.

An opaque state
Recently we were informed that Sheik Fayez Muhamad Salem Sultan Al Qassimi from the UAE had visited the country in search of investment opportunities.

He was expected to hold meetings with the president.

Later, he was expected to meet Auxillia in what sounded like an attempt to extract money from the oil baron for her personal project.

That alone is an issue for discussion where the wife of a president ambushes investors to “extort” money from them.

But anyway, that was the last we heard of the Sultan. What came out of his visit and what investment opportunities did he find?

The level of opaqueness when it comes to doing business involving national resources is shocking.

It reminds us of developments taking place at ARDA in Jotsholo where a lot of wheat is being grown.

Instead of Dead BC telling us in a recent news article on how the estate was managing to do so well, we were just told that it was working with an unnamed “partner”.

This is how our country will be sold off to foreigners while the leadership maintains a veil of secrecy on so-called deals.
Ntombizodwa Woyee!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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