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Food Shopping In The New Normal- Expect The Unexpected

As the world is no longer the same, consumer habits have changed drastically. The concept of eating-in has taken over dining-out for safety reasons. The impact is visible as a big rush in food and beverage aisles and the boom is expected to stay for good. For retailers and e-sellers, it becomes important to stay one step ahead of the consumer behavior and expectations so that they can align their products and services accordingly. The fact that you are dealing with perishable commodities makes it all the more important to change with agility, which is best done if you know what to expect. Let us explain how food shopping is likely to pan out in the new normal.

Longer lists, fewer trips

Since social outings are being discouraged in the new normal, you cannot expect the foot traffic to resume as usual anytime in the near future. The customers who would drop in every other day are most likely to return only on the weekends, or even visit on alternate weekends. The reason is obvious that they don’t want to expose themselves to the virus. So you can expect longer lists and fewer trips, which means that they would probably shop more on every trip. Retailers have to be geared up with fresh produce, specifically during the weekends when traffic is likely to be high.

Offers and deals will matter more

As money gets tight, you can expect consumer budgets to shrink but food and beverage will continue to be in demand. Still, buyers may consider ticking off some luxuries from their grocery checklist. Retailers can continue getting good sales by enticing customers with offers and deals on food items. Apart from the weekend deals, r10 Tuesday specials make a great idea if you want in-store traffic to surge mid-week. This is a smart move for perishable products like fruits and vegetables because you can clear the stocks without wasting the stuff. At the same time, deals and offers boost customer retention, so you have good chances of having the customers back again.

Safety becomes the top priority

Right now, nothing matters more than safety, so retail stores need to make sure that they prioritize it both for customers and employees. While implementing the relevant guidelines is a regulatory requirement, it will also help you win the trust and loyalty of the buyers. Take all the necessary measures, from ensuring social distancing to temperature checks, sanitation, and hygiene with regular surface cleaning. Prioritize contactless payments to lower the risk of infection. You may go the extra mile by providing the facility of online delivery and curbside pickup to avoid crowding in the store. An investment in technology and infrastructure would be a smart move as it will probably pay in the long run.

Food shopping is going to grow in the future and only stores that are ready for the boom will be able to capitalize on the opportunity. So if you are still contemplating a move, you should make it sooner rather than later.

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