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I see a repeat of 2016 all over again!

Please, reader, as I watch the US election coming on November 3, I am reminded of the 2016 election. Then, Donald Trump, a swamp billionaire, challenged a 47-year Washington insider, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary held Trump and his followers in utter contempt.History seems to be about to repeat itself.

Today, former president Barack Obama is holding a rally in Orlando, Florida, in support of former vice-president Joe Biden, a 47-year political veteran.

“I love Joe, a man who learned to treat everybody with dignity and respect, somebody who lives by the words his parents taught him. ‘Nobody is better than you, Joe, but you are better than nobody.’ And that sense of empathy, that sense of decency, the belief that every single person counts.”
Biden (77) has been in Washington for 47 years.

Enough is enough.

But empathy is not a policy. He is a politician, like Hillary. He will say nice things, hug babies and women, and then fly away in Air Force Number 2. Biden says America is a sick country.

“You are all talk and no action,” Trump accused him. “You have been around all these years. Why didn’t you do something about it?”
Exactly 273 cars turned up. Perhaps there were 1 000 people in attendance.

Former presidents break this rule at their own peril. When one retires, do the decent thing. Move over and let new brooms sweep clean.
The charisma had departed from King Saul.

A female reporter from Cable News Network, an affiliate of the Progressive Party, struggled to report the news. “Vice-President Joe Biden is holding a very important rally, but there are no people yet.” Eight cars turned up in his home town of Wilmington, Delaware.
This is very sad.

The charisma has departed from King Saul.

Biden has had two brain operations. He forgets where he is and gets sentences jumbled up.

It is sad, but even more saddening is the Hillary attitude. “You know, you can put half of Trump’s supporters in what I call a basket of deplorables. (They are) racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name them.”

Biden went further: “If you aren’t voting for me, you aren’t black.” He told a white audience. Biden was responsible for the Crime Bill, 1994 which sent 40% young blacks to jailhouses.

Typical of the elites, Biden told a voter: “I will be president of all the people, including those chumps over there.”

The dictionary says a chump is a person who is easily deceived or tricked, a stupid or foolish person.

I sympathise with old Joe. It is difficult for a politician to know when his time has passed.

Trump was holding two rallies 70 miles away. At the boat rally, Trump was not even there. Nevertheless, a rowdy, joyous and cantankerously happy crowd was waving US flags. There were over 500 boats displaying US flags. Three of them tried to walk on water and were rescued by the Lake Marshall.
They will be ticketed for endangering their lives.

Fifty miles up the road, at an old deserted airport, long lines of cars stretched into the beyond. The arena could take 20 000 and 50 000 Trumpkins had registered. Never mind, some of them had been around for 60 hours, but they were having a time of their lives.

“We love Trump, we love Trump,” they were singing.

Chorus: “Make America great again.”

The newspaper headline the next morning said: “Biden widens his lead by 11 points over Trump.”

Here is a reminder to our readers. Biden holds a rally. Eight motorists turn up. Trump holds a rally, 50 000 people turn up. The next day we are told that Biden has increased his lead.

It is very sad.

Contempt of religion

The political elites regard religion as the mother of all oppression.

The Catholic Church holds sway over 70 million saints, followed by the Southern Baptist Convention’s (one black one white) with 60 million followers.
In defending the widow, the indigent and the oppressed, Progressives have gone overboard. Los Angeles was once the pilgrim’s dream, with Hollywood nearby.
The city passed various ordinances; theft of goods valued at less than $1 000 is no longer a criminal offence. Store owners are in desperate situations when homeless people walk out with merchandise.

Passing water and human waste in public is no longer prosecutable.

The saints feel that a godly life is impossible in a lawless society. Trump is their man.

The Reverend Ken Peters of Louisiana represents a new grouping of Patriotic Churches which is canvassing against this progressive agenda.

Peters believes such events are a prelude to socialism.

As I write, on October 27, the Reverend Brad Jurkovich has organised a grouping of 2 500 “resurgent churches” (their phrase).

Biden assumes that religious folks of colour support the progressive agenda. Sister Lorine Spratt, executive assistant to Jurkovich, says the idea that there is a solution to racism and oppression outside religion is nonsense. Love thy neighbour is the solution.

The saints who have had dealings with Trump with one accord say that he has treated them with respect and a contrite heart.

They say in contrast, Progressives are arrogant and regard them as a bunch of contemptibles (US English).
A politician who ignores the numbers, 70 million Catholics, 60 million Southern Baptists and 2 500 patriotic churches, is not wise.

Blind elites

A Californian wrote about the blindness of these elites. “Madam Speaker, according to the Los Angeles Times, your net worth is $16 million and you have just taken out a mortgage of $5 million. You and your husband Paul own at least nine properties. Accordingly, you may not understand the difficult position millions of Americans are in… (they) have to choose between putting food on the table and the risk of contracting Covid-19.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, like all the elites, refused a second cheque promised by Trump in order to spite him.Trump has a special appeal to the irredeemable.

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