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Trump: It’s time SB summoned envoy

My Dear People,
I am sure you are all in agreement with me that Zimbabwe, together with other democratic and progressive countries from around the world, cannot watch in silence while a dictatorship is sprouting in America.

letter to my peopleBY DOCTOR STOP IT

Most of you will no doubt have been following the circus and
tragi-comedy that is unfolding in the United States of America.

What is happening is that the world’s biggest policeman on good governance, human rights, rule of law, accountability, transparency and democracy is currently battling with those very basic concepts.

Basic concepts, which the Zimbabwean government as led by the revolutionary party Zanu PF has been implementing without fail since independence from those British devils in 1980.

We are made to understand that US dictator and megalomaniac Donald Trump has not made clear indications on when he will leave office after being soundly shellacked in the recent elections by his opponent, Joe Biden.

Among other hallmarks during his misrule in the last four years, the US dictator has pursued nepotism as a tool to economically empower his relatives and his family business enterprise.

The dictator gave his daughter a plum and cushy job in the White House while at the same time employing his son-in-law as an advisor.

Other family members were hovering nearby in order to pick the very big crumbs that were always dropping.

In the typical mould of dictators from all over the world, American despot Trump is refusing to surrender power to his rival Biden, who walloped him soundly at the polls.

Africa cannot and should not stand by while the USA violates all tenets of democracy as that could spread like a wild fire across the world.

Dictators should not be allowed to thrive by clinging to power as they continue to plunder the rich mineral resources that the USA is well endowed with.

It is, therefore, time that Foreign and international affairs minister SB Moyo summoned US ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols to explain the unacceptable barbarism that is emanating from Washington DC.

After SB Moyo summons the US ambassador for a candid lesson in democracy, other African foreign affairs ministers should follow suit before advising their presidents to convene an urgent and extraordinary African Union (AU) summit with the USA as the only agenda item.

The summit should immediately slap crippling and comprehensive economic sanctions that will include asset freezes and travel restrictions.

If the US regime is not willing to reform, the AU should make it very clear that additional mechanisms to effect regime change such as an invasion will be actively pursued.

We need to make the American economy scream until the dictator leaves office.

The Pfumvudza grand heist and theft
Every so often, the Zimbabwean ruling elite in Zanu PF usually plans some very elaborate schemes, which are usually supposed to benefit ordinary Zimbabweans.

But the real reasons for coming up with the schemes are for the benefit of the ruling elite thugs and their families.

Such schemes could be in the form of farm mechanisation or command agriculture.

At the end of it all, the fat cats usually milk the government of millions of dollars of money which is supposed to benefit ordinary Zimbabweans.

But no. Zimbabweans, according to the ruling class, should not for one day enjoy the benefits of being in an independent all-
embracing country.

That will make them very independent-minded and end up voting for the opposition which, as we all know, is planning to hand back all our African farms to descendants of British imperialists.

Currently, the largest daylight theft taking place is the Pfumvudza scheme, which is supposed to ensure food security at household level.

This is supposed to see households receiving grain and legume seeds, together with some fertiliser.

But the thieves have already started looting the scheme depriving the rural small-scale farmers, who are supposed to be the major beneficiaries of the corrupt scheme.

A hotline or a quick honest assessment by ED Ngwena and his toothless corruption Tsar will reveal that villagers are being made to pay anything between US$3 up to US$10 as transportation costs for the delivery of the agricultural inputs.

And that is only the beginning.

Villagers are then told that on the given dates, they will only receive legume seeds or grain seed or just fertiliser.

This means the household food security efforts being made have already been defeated before they can even start.

As long as the ruling elite are seen regularly switching airport CCTV cameras to facilitate the smuggling of gold, then it
will be difficult for the same kleptocracy to enforce anti-corruption standards on the affected communities.

It gets even more difficult when the gold being smuggled is given presidential escort in the form of the president’s bodyguards and relatives to the airport for smuggling.

People cannot be prevented from thinking and drawing their own conclusions.
Gushungo Chete Chete!
Chatunga Chete Chete!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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