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Let’s go back to God of old times: Edwards

Bulawayo cleric Prophet Bruce Edwards says his recently launched book titled The Burning Generation will revive Christianity and take back people to the God of miracles.

By Sindiso Dube

Edwards launched his book recently at a colourful ceremony in Bulawayo. The book is the first to be published among the 10 books he has written.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch, Edwards said the book is about inspiring a new generation of Christians that will revive Christianity and take people back to old ways of ministering.

“The God that we serve is a supernatural God and the word supernatural comes from the two words — super and natural,” he said.

“Super means outside and above nature, the word natural defined in the confinement of time, space and matter.

“The God that we read in the Bible is not the God that we seeing manifest in our time — there are no longer miracles, signs and wonders.

“The conviction of souls that we used to read about is nolonger what we are seeing, but I believe that we are living in the time where God is raising a different breed of people called the burning generation.”

“Jesus Himself is being replaced by certain men of God where you hear the whole service being about a man and God is not in the picture,”
The launch was attended by different clerics, musicians and some socialites.

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