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Muganiwa unearths widows’ plight

Journalist-cum-author Prudence Muganiwa-
Zvavanjanja (pictured below) recently launched her second novel titled After Ba Kevhi, which focuses on highlighting the plight of women after losing their spouses as well as the struggles of a single parent.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

The book, distributed by Royalty Books publishers, tracks the story of a widow from Mbare who struggles to take care of her family after he husband passes on, with extended family members adding onto the burden.

In an interview with Standard Style, Muganiwa-
Zvavanjanja said the book focuses on discussing issues society chooses to turn a blind eye to.

“This is a novel about abused women and the issues society chooses not to speak about, things like emotional abuse in marriages and all that,” she said.

“It is also about estate issues like when a spouse dies and the family just has their way with you. The story is centred on a widow’s struggles, it’s a Neria-type story, but this one has a happy ending.”

According to Muganiwa, her work revolves around realism stories particularly to do with women and children, at a time the world is at pains to ensure protection and empowerment of the vulnerable groups.

The new book is a follow-up to her 2016 debut titled Letters from Beyond that detailed wide-ranging cries from women abused in different spheres of society.

“I am inspired by real-life stories from all around me but mostly those women who society just does not recognise, it could be a vendor, those who live in
[ramshackle] cottages or housemaids, they all have a story to tell,” she said.

Muganiwa worked as editor for Standard Style before she relocated to Namibia where she worked as social media manager for musician Jah Prayzah.

Currently, she works as artiste and repertoire manager for a group of artistes and musicians under Jacaranda Media and Culture Corporation (JCMC).

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