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They have given us six more Dead BCs

My Dear People,
I can’t help ribbing the people of the United States of America over their clumsy handling of the transitional period after incumbent President Donald Trump lost overwhelmingly to Joe Biden, the man that he so despised and continued to mock on a regular basis.

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

Just like he had coined “Crooked Hillary” to describe Hillary Clinton in the previous elections in which he romped to a shock victory, this time Trump was calling Biden “Sleepy Joe”.

Maybe it was a cruel reference to his advanced age.

Anyway, the American people did not seem to give a hoot about Sleepy Joe’s advanced age and voted for him in large numbers.

We were talking about how the Americans have been very clumsy about how they have handled the transitional period.

So clumsy that Trump is busy plotting a coup against democracy in that country.

We are now wondering why, over the years, ordinary Americans and their stuck-up officials have preached democracy to the rest of the world as if it was in their DNA.

Little wonder in the last few days, someone coined a phrase to the effect: “Americans have in the last few days come to the shocking realisation that it is easier to change a president in other countries than in their own country.”

Very true indeed except in Zimbabwe.

Trump’s all but refusal to vacate office has become an interesting development that many people are following different news channels in order to get the latest developments.

Pass the popcorn
They may have systems in the USA that may prevent an outright coup.  

But if it was according to some people in the Republican Party, tanks would now be rolling in the streets of all the major cities in the USA with all major television stations having been seized and occupied by armed forces.

By now, the military or The Donald would have issued statements to the effect that: “The situation has reached another level.  

“We are urging you all to remain calm while the people’s armed forces restore calm.

“In the interests of democracy, we have thrown out our very cumbersome constitution and shall rule using regular democratic decrees.”

Americans have generally snobbishly wondered why nobody ever stands up to African dictators such as Mugabhiiie?

Now is probably the right time to ask why old men and women in the Republican Party are afraid to speak some common sense or, as they say in regime change parlance, speak truth to power.

They are so scared of Trump that they would rather see the USA drift towards the precipice as they try to avoid offending Chef Trump.

Interesting times that we live in indeed.

Chamisa and Trump
Have we all noticed the similarities between Nelson Chamisa and Trump?

As a starting point, their parties seem to favour the red colour.

No problem with that because even the communist parties like red colours as well. Red Soviet Union and Red China, so they were called.

Anyway back to Chamisa and Trump.

After a tour of the USA, Chamisa would come back to Zimbabwe and regale his supporters with untruths in which he falsely alleged that he had met Trump.

He went further on to lie that they had been promised
US$15 billion as soon as they came into office.

Not that the comrades in Zanu PF don’t lie, no, they are accomplished masters of double-speak, fibs and downright lies.

It’s just that when there is a political party touting itself as an alternative government, we don’t expect them to behave exactly like the incumbent government.

Otherwise people will end up being unable to tell the difference between the two lying entities.

Beyond that, we are seeing that when it comes to not respecting the outcome of the results, Chamisa and his outfit, whatever they are called, and Trump’s Republican Party are the same.

As others say, they belong to the same WhatsApp group.

Electoral results can only be free and fair if they have been declared the winners.

The judiciary system can only be independent if their rulings and outcomes favour them.

Six more Dead BCs!

We had a very good laugh when the Lacoste government, through its surrogates, announced the six beneficiaries of new television licences.

Reminded us of those days when we had Radio One, Radio Two, Radio Three and Radio Four plus the main Dead BC television.

Lots of platforms speaking the same language and zero diversity.

Among the six Lacoste stations are some that represent interests of the military.

What role do soldiers play in broadcasting?

As far as we know, soldiers only go into television studios to announce military coups.

They should be busy defending the country and not producing television content.

There is a risk that they will be busy carrying cameras and not guns and will not see the enemy sneaking up on us.

Anyway, the future and fate of Zimbabwe has been sealed.

Education and entertainment from the barracks.

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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