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Moana finally laid to rest

The late fitness bunny and video vixen Michelle “Moana” Amuli may have lived her last days on earth in the fast lane with easy access to the finest things in life, but none of it followed her to the grave.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Moana died in a horrific car accident that also claimed the lives of socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Malawian businessman Limumba Karim and Mozambican model Alicha Adams, on November 8.

As scores of people gathered in the high-density suburb of Highfield to follow burial proceedings that were led by the Muslim community — as wished by the father, Ishmael — celebrities and artistes she hung around in her lifetime were conspicuous by their absence.

Comedian Madam Boss and businessman Tinashe Mutarisi were the only notable faces that came to pay tribute.

There was no fancy casket or entourage of top-of-the-range cars as her “decomposing” remains, that were burnt beyond recognition in the crash, took a last ride to Warren Hills Cemetery in an ordinary ambulance.

Apart from the humble gathering not reflective of the hedonistic life she is said to have led, one could still feel the tense atmosphere that prevailed between her family members from both the paternal and maternal sides.

The families had been at loggerheads for close to three weeks about when, how and where to bury her. Moana’s parents were separated when she was a little baby and they would not see eye to eye all the way to the grave.

They may have agreed, with the assistance of a High Court decision, to finally lay her to rest, but one could sense that there were still subtle squabbles between the paternal and maternal sides of the family.

Despite the rifts that largely turned into murmurs, the situation did not turn violent.

It is uncertain whether there still will be other publicised episodes of misunderstandings between the two sides that had become a media staple of late.

But, there are certainly bones of contention like the sharing of the late’s property that included cars, furniture and clothes.

Since she had reportedly moved to South Africa recently, where she engaged a secret lover, the fitness trainer is said to have left her daughter and belongings under her mother Yolanda Kuvaoga’s custody.

Over the weeks, Yolanda has come out in defence of her automatic ownership of the property left with her revealing that she had no intention of sharing it with the father, whom she accused of asking about the cars in particular despite not being on talking terms with his daughter in the recent past.

“It’s the cars that he wants. He tells us he wants the cars and I told them she had sold all her cars,” said Yolanda in one of the many interviews with the media.

Efforts to get comment in relation to the issue did not yield results from the maternal side, but Amuli said he did not care about what would happen to the possessions.

“Let them have the property, they thought we wanted some of it, but they can have it. We do not want any of it seeing that this is part of the reasons why they had brought us to court, but we are not interested in that,” he said.

Meanwhile, the public may have to keep on guessing when it comes to other questions about who Moana was beyond social media posts.

Although she had posted a snippet showing an engagement ring on her finger, it is unclear who her other half was and no one has stepped up to confirm involvement with the late beauty.

Could it have been Kadungure or Karim? Even her mother could not determine.

“What I know is she had engaged. She sent me a message saying he proposed and I said yes, but I had never even seen her fiancé’s face. She offered to bring him to me, but I refused because I was angry over the fact that she was relocating to South Africa,” her mother revealed recently.

Adding to the mystery is a video showing Moana in a cozy situation with local prophet Edd Branson as well as other flirty videos that have made way to different social media platforms.

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