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Sports Events To Keep An Eye On In 2021

The world stood still for the past couple of months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses shut down, malls were closed, cities went completely silent. In the world of sport, things were no different. All the sporting events were canceled, many of them right in the middle of some of the best parts of the season. Stadiums were empty and for every sports fan out there, these were tough months to go through.

However, as we learn to live with this pandemic, sports associations adapt to it as well. The NBA for example, built an entire isolation block in Orlando, known as the Disney Bubble, to protect the players and finish the season. But many of the other popular events were rescheduled for the next year, so buckle up folks – next year is going to be filled with all sorts of sporting events!

Australian Open

The year will start with the 115 years old tennis tournament in Melbourne from 18 – 23 January, if all goes according to plan. Currently, one of the major issues organizers face is the potential quarantine restriction for the players.

As the Australian Open includes players from all over the world, the organizers need to bring the players from overseas and that increases the chances of contracting and spreading the virus. The Aussies plan to fill up the tournament venues to 25% capacity, adding further pressure on organizers.

Hopefully, by the end of this year, all these potential obstacles will be solved so tennis fans all over the world can enjoy this tournament to the fullest!

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UEFA Euro 2021

Football fans will have a chance to enjoy the tournament next year, from 11 June – 11 July. The competition, which takes place every four years, will take place in 12 different cities across Europe – Bucharest, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Munich, London, Budapest, Dublin, Baku, Glasgow, Bilbao, Rome, and St. Petersburg.

Even though it’s postponed, the existing tickets remain valid, so if you planned to enjoy a live game of football, you’ll still have your chance!

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

Tokyo will become a second-time host for the Summer Olympic Games, from 23 July – 8 August. This is the first time in history for the Olympic Games to be postponed rather than canceled. The Olympic Village will house nearly 11,000 athletes, coming from 206 countries if all goes as planned.

As there’s a greater risk of coronavirus clusters to develop, the organizers are taking precautionary measures to ensure maximum protection for participants and visitors alike.

At the same time, the 2020 Summer Paralympics will take place at the same location as the Olympic games, from 24 August – 5 September.

WPT Gold Coast Poker Tournament

First held in 2002 in the USA, this World Poker Tour became one of the most popular poker tournaments in the world. Every year, the event is broadcasted in nearly 160 countries around the world.

Due to the pandemic, the event is postponed for 2021, where it will take place in Queensland, Australia at the Star Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, from 29 April – 3 May. Star Gold Coast Hotel and Casino is one of the top 5 best casino hotels in 2021 so make sure to visit it if you get the chance.

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Super Bowl

The 55th Super Bowl, one of the greatest sports events in North America, will take place in Tampa, Florida, from 4 – 8 February. As the state of Florida removed social distancing regulation this year in October, the NFL league plans to allow full stadium access to fans and anyone interested to see a live game.

Tour De France

As one of the most popular cycling tournaments in the world, the Tour De France was also postponed due to the pandemic. Originally, the tour was planned to take place in Copenhagen. However, as Copenhagen will host football matches for the UEFA 2020, the organizers decided on the city of Brest as the host city.

The tour will take place from June 26 to July 18 in 2021, presenting all cycling fans an opportunity to see their favorites in action at one of the most challenging tours in the world!

World Handball Championships

For any handball fans out there: 2021 will be a fun year to look forward to!

The World Men’s Handball Championship will be held for the 27th time in Egypt from 13 to 31 January – and the first time outside Europe since 2015. Instead of the regular 24 teams, 32 teams will participate in the competition next year.

The World Women’s Handball Championship will also take place next year, from 2 to 19 December 2021. The competition will be held in Spain and just like the male championship, it will be expanded from 24 to 32 teams. That’s 16 extra teams in both Championships!


The sports world was one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even the events that were played out weren’t the same because of the lack of crowds and cheering faces in the stadiums.

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Hopefully, with a bit of luck and impeccable organizational skills, we can all enjoy each one of these events in 2021.

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