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Why should Cryptocurrencies be Taxed?

Cryptocurrencies have taken up the hype all around the world. They have an important role in making people millionaires by a small investment. Recently many governments decided to collect taxes on the profits gained through these virtual currencies. Do you think this decision is valid? Let us see.

Stabilization through the Crypto World.

The Crypto world has brought a paradigm shift among the people globally. Many countries were affected by poverty but by entering this world their lives changed. When the citizens will establish a good economic status then this will affect the country’s economy. Bitcoin being most renowned has been the only solution for the progress of business across borders.

Trading made lives easier.

Bitcoin being the king of the crypto world has been traded around the globe. People have been ripping benefits out of it. Most people are interested in bitcoin. The coins are also traded on various online platforms and apps like the https://www.cryptovibes.com/bitcoin-profit/  that are assisting them to buy and sell to earn profitable amounts. People are fond of the decentralized system it provides but the government has some other plans for them.

Recent decisions.

Recently many countries have pre-planned to take taxes for every profit the citizens will receive. In this way, the country will also be benefited. Furthermore, the importance of fiat currency that was declining will also rise. Even the Korean government said that the citizens as well as the foreigners will pay taxes on the exchanges too. This tax will become Capital gains tax or income tax.

Why taxes?

This decision may have bewildered many people but there are solid reasons behind it. Firstly, that the decentralized system at one point has been benefiting people but at the same time, people misuse it. There has been money laundering in the name of these transactions. The black money activities are illegal but are being done through this decentralized system. This is because the government and the central bank is not involved in all this.

You may find the profit earning as one of your thrilling experiences but if you consider the future of your country then there is a danger. Although many countries have developed tracking systems to avoid such illegal acts things are not completely under control. Countries like China for some time banned cryptocurrencies but now they have developed the digital yuan to have proper control over the people.

Bitcoin and Taxes.

The judges, regulators, the bankers; have varied opinions on categorizing bitcoin as a commodity or a currency. But they all unite when it comes to the taxation of bitcoins. They know that it has become necessary now. In the US, virtual currency is considered property and if you purchase anything out of it, ultimately it is liable to be taxed as a capital gain. According to IRS, you are taxed if you receive mined coins, you purchase, you exchange a fiat currency for a virtual one or you exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency.

The liability for taxes.

When the cryptocurrencies are cashed out for fiat money like dollars then the tax is liable. It may be short-term and long-term depending on the period. The taxes are accounted for when you buy any good with cryptocurrency. For instance, you bought coffee with bitcoin at a $1000 rate, and then it was traded at $1200 so you need to pay tax for the gain you got. However, taxes are also required to be paid with the crypto exchanges.


Though the payment of taxes for virtual currencies seems difficult to many it has many advantages. The decentralized system may be easy for many but it has given feasibility to the fraudsters. Within the years this system has revealed many cases and so governments of various countries are planning to take action.

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