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China’s Digital Currency Could Challenge Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has buzzed the world. Since its launch in 2009, it has evolved into newer and lucid versions. People are prone to bitcoin transactions, payments, and much more. It has been adopted worldwide due to this feasibility. Bitcoin was the only rescue during the pandemic as well. But China has some other plans.

China has configured troubles in the policymakers for the currencies like bitcoin. In recent years China has cracked down on the use of such coins and there have been many bans for the use of these. However still China managed to see potential in these currencies and as result planned the digital yuan. People believe that China wants to see itself as a global leader.

Digital Yuan.

China’s digital cash is a new version of electronic money that is stored in digital wallets rather than physical wallets. They are feasible to use just like bitcoins are ready to use coins. This kind of money is quicker and easier to use than physical cash. However, it has been launched in April in limited rollouts but still has to face a lot of challenges. Let’s look into it.

The Launch of Digital Yuan.

Recently China has trialed a pilot project. This country has greater visions and wants to make the future of the country to be cashless. Though debit cards and credit cards have already been in use by the citizens this digital currency is something else. People in China are not behind when it comes to shopping around the prominent cities with these apps like WeChat instead of taking your wallet full of yuan notes.

Why Digital yuan?

The Chinese government has started this pilot program with the assumption of a bigger test in Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. Many people believe that the digital yuan is the means to increase the governmental control of a country’s finances. Bitcoin is also a digital currency but is decentralized. It completely takes the governmental control out and due to which problems arise.

Challenges for the Bitcoin World.

People in China were habitual of using bitcoins. This is because China has always been a hub of technologies. People in China have used technologies like these digital assets because life there is very fast. It requires to be fast and updated. With the launch of the digital yuan, bitcoin has to face a sudden decrease from this country.

The Crypto world has been the most used during the pandemic and Chinese citizens took benefit too but now when things are settling people will move to their digital currency. They will make the bitcoin platforms devoid of their presence. People all over the world use bitcoin platforms that are amazing in the crypto world. Bitcoin code being in discussion these days has made its mark as bitcoin code is legit. Now such platforms and others will face challenges.

Trading will continue.

China’s government has distributed approximately $1.5 million digital coins. People have already started using these coins for the payments of bills and other transactions. However, people already in the trading of cryptocurrencies might find it difficult to leave their trading positions in the crypto world. It takes time to make your mark in such cases and it is not easy to leave the addiction of it. Therefore, with more advancements, people will be able to leave it completely.


The digital yuan has made launch such tracking systems that would reduce frauds to a minimum level. With this new denomination people would be using money from digital wallets and would not be needing bank accounts anymore. These digital wallets can be easily tracked and checked. That is the reason China wants control over the financial sector. But they have to develop separate systems from the banks to avoid overcrowding.

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