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How to increase Bitcoin assets and traffic to your website?

When the word bitcoin comes in front each one of you automatically thinks of the trading and there are various online platforms and apps like bitqh app assisting the trading process and making people enjoy some amazing profit. Though the crypto world has made the mark still it wants more users to dive in. So apart from the common methods to earn users and money you got bitcoin faucets to let you get both. It is an evident formula but many are unaware.

The Privy Choice

The priviest choice for you is that of the bitcoin faucets. These are the types of websites that give rewards in the form of bitcoin to their users. The owners of these place advertisements and earn as well. The owners of the faucets are so clever in setting up ways that people will accidentally click the ads. In this way, they get more money. They attract users by the greed of rewards they offer and so the traffic increases and they get advantages.

Visiting faucets 

Visiting faucet websites seems to be an easier task for everyone. It is but cannot sum up huge profits for you on a realistic note. But if you are a beginner and want to earn effortlessly or without risking your funds then it is a good option. It is just like you are surfing your internet and at the same time you visit these websites and ultimately your accounts would get topped up. Even now special rotators are available that take you to the links. You get all of these websites under one hub and you get more chances for these free bonuses.


Ownership of every business or niche is always way more advantageous. Similarly, by being the owner of these bitcoin faucets you would be able to earn double amounts of profits. Owning a website faucet is more preferable than visiting them effortlessly. All you have to do is set up a website faucet and then initially google allows you approximately 3 slots for putting up ads. However, you can cover the faucet with other ads as well.

Way to money 

The basic thing you need is traffic coming to your websites. The more users the more you get money. The ads should be visible enough. It is up to you to design the websites with ads in such a way that even if the user wants to claim the bitcoin rewards, he would click the ads by chance and you get money.

How to get more traffic to your website 

It is a bit difficult to have traffic on your faucet websites and for this, you need to follow up some pointers. You could get over to the lists of the rotators especially the famous ones. The rotator websites would list you and people will visit your website. Getting on the top of the list would be your golden opportunity. Secondly, you can assign higher rewards for the users and post such updates on social media platforms or even BitcoinTalks. People will get aware and will opt for your faucet website. Majorly people fall for the rewards and that is what matters to them.


Bitcoin world has helped many to earn and earning through faucets is something different. You must give it a try and start to earn. You can protect your websites by not depositing larger amounts in the faucets. However, much is discovered now to prevent scammers from malicious attacks. Most of you are aware of it but still much is to be explored. So when are you opting for it?

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